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Episode 1 : Vikram Vetal – TV Serial – On DVD

Vikram known for his qualities of bravery, intelligence, analytical skills and philanthropy, used to go to the temple every morning and on his way back from the temple, He listened to the complaints of people and donate the stuff to the needful. One day when he was donating the valuables to the people, he found a saint was also there in the crowd. Who spoke nothing but gave Vikram a fruit. Vikram felt it strange but accepted. The next day the same thing happened. And then it became a routine. Vikram felt puzzled with the unnatural behavior of the saint and one day he cut the fruit, he found the gems within. He then cut down all the fruits one by one, and to his surprise all of them had very valuable gems integrated within. Vikram decides to get the explanation about the same from the saint next day.

Next day when he met and asked the saint for the explanation. The saint asked for a favor from vikram instead explaining that the fruits were the only way to attract his attention being the busy king that he was. The saint then reveals that he is doing some deadly worship in the jungle and he needs Vikram to come there and do some stuff for him. Only brave man like Vikram can fulfill the requirements and no one else. Vikram finds it quite abnormal, but decides to take a chance and visit the saint at his place of worship and help him.

He then goes to the saint’s place where he has asked Vikram to come. The saint is happy on Vikram’s arrival and tells him to go to a graveyard situated little away, where a fellow naed Vetal resides on a tree. Vikram’s duty is to get him to the mendicant saint’s place. He also asks Vikram to be very alert warning him that Vetal is very difficult to take control of. Vikram accepts the challenge and goes to the graveyard. The path to the graveyard was very dangerous but Vikram reaches his destination. Finally he reaches the tree from where Vetal is hanging.

The role of the saint was played by famous actor Arvind Trivedi (who later played Ravan in the Ramayana TV serial by Ramanand sagar). Vikram was played by Arun Govil (again fine actor who played Lord Ram – Rama – in Ramayana TV serial later). Vetal was portrayed by Sajjan convincingly. The TV serial was very popular at the time when it was aired from DoorDarshan and was enjoyed by the people of all ages enthusiastically.

To be continued….

First tale by Vetal

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