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Are you associated with a Book, Magazine, TV Serial, Movie, DVD, Website or similar, which you want us to review?

We do accept ARC (Advanced Reader’s Copy) and AVC (Advance Viewer’s Copy) or similar for various genre of products and we do respect the NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement).

You can contact us at: affiliate[at]thinkerviews.com

All the reviews posted here are genuine and our personal as mentioned in the disclaimer section. So, please don’t expect any biased review(s) for the stuff you have provided us to review. And, we reserve all the rights to even not to post the reviews of your stuff if we don’t find it worth mention at all. In such exceptional cases we reserve the rights to not entertain any further communication in the same regards (eg. Why we found it inappropriate for our audience?… etc).

Also, we go through the stuff (i.e. in case of a book or magazine, read it) and then post the review for the same, so it requires time, based on the work on hand with us. We try the best to do the same at the earliest and follow the publication/release dates. But, no way guarantee a deadline to follow.

Looking forward to have a strong and healthy relationship with the business/individual who approach us.

Have you any further queries or suggestions, do let us know via comments below. We welcome all the genuine responses.

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  1. I see that you reviewed the first 10 episodes of the show – Akbar the Great. Would you know how many episodes were made in total?

  2. lovely site…. learnt a lot…. as a wannabe book reviewer, i’ve got some good ideas…. will revisit site some time and learn new things…

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