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Mrs. Jasoos | Hindi Web Series | Personal Review

The growing competition amongst online streaming websites is passing through an interesting stage. With easily available and affordable high-speed internet brought so many new players in the field. It actually brought opportunities for creative souls. If you have a talent and interesting concept, you can make a web-series in the comparatively low budget also. And yes, if you have enough ... Read More »

Bhoot, Bhavish, Bartaman By Mehool Parekh | Book Review

Bhoot, Bhavish, Bartaman By Mehool Parekh | Book Cover

The human mind is a strange creation. It can do wonderful good things and at the same time, it is capable of creating havocs also. When we see the crime in society we see it backed by many things. The social and financial circumstances, the way the person grew up, the choices he/she had at certain junctions of life,… plays ... Read More »

The Nidhi Kapoor Story By Saurabh Garg | Book Review

The Nidhi Kapoor Story - A Book By Saurabh Garg - Cover Page

Why we are attracted to the fantasy tales explored in the movies, TV Serials, Books, Magazines and other media? We all are mature enough to know that the stuff explored there is not real, but still it attracts us. Possibly because, we want to live the life we want in the way we want, and we know that in reality ... Read More »