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The Rule Breakers by Preeti Shenoy | Book Review

The Rule Breakers by Preeti Shenoy | Book Cover

As the world has changed around us, the stories we tell reflect that different world. There are more and more voices airing how the lives of people in various corners of India are also changing with new opportunities and still to some extent appear unchanged at the fundamental level of beliefs. The popular, mainstream writers have managed to capture the ... Read More »

Ilu – A Hindi Short EBook By Kamal Upadhyay | Unbiased Review

Ilu - A Hindi Short EBook By Kamal Upadhyay | Book Cover

Recently we came to know about Ilu (ईलू) – a short story by Kamal Upadhyay. Kamal Upadhyay’s book Lankapati Ka Loktantra is a satire on the current time and political system. Though published a few years ago, it is still relevant and will remain relevant (I wish, the system and society are changed so much that the book become irrelevant ... Read More »

Everest Ki Beti | Inspiring Journey Of Arunima Sinha | Book Review

Everest Ki Beti A Book By Arunima Sinha | Cover Page

Before a few months ago we got a chance to buy Everest Ki Beti (एवरेस्ट की बेटी) – a Hindi Book exploring the inspiring journey of Arunima Sinha (अरुणिमा सिन्हा). Despite our busy schedules and a stack of “books to be reviewed”, I’d given out-of-turn read to this amazing book from our team. It, however, took me a lot more ... Read More »

Madness Of The Monk by Anuj Tikku | A Short EBook | Personal Review

Madness Of The Monk by Anuj Tikku | Book Cover

Indians love exploring life beyond its known boundaries. When knowledge and imagination blend perfectly with wisdom the journey of spirituality can be begun. It is very essential to apply your logic, see the things in the context and understand the hidden message when reading scriptures or following rituals. And, it is applicable to almost every aspect of Dharma – which ... Read More »

Moment of signal by Sreedhar Bevara | Book Review

Moment of signal by Sreedhar Bevara | Book Cover

Wealth and success are almost universal desires. All of us, no matter where we start from, would like to give our family a good quality of life, and although money isn’t everything in life, it can go a long way towards creating a healthy home and comfortable lifestyle, not to mention open doors to opportunities of advancement. Hence, it is ... Read More »

A Magnificent Obsession by Rashmi Bansal | Book Review

A Magnificent Obsession: The Inspiring Story of A Muruganantham, the man who pioneered the low cost sanitary napkin - by Rashmi Bansal | Book Cover

A hero is someone who dares walking the unexplored path and does the things which others often shy away from doing. He/she need not wear specially made costumes for them nor he/she need any extraordinary skills. What a hero needs is a genuine heart, human qualities, and conviction to fight against all odds to do the things for greater goods. ... Read More »