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Magzter Gold Offer

It is said that day by day we are loosing interest in reading. What do you think? Well, my personal opinion is, at some extent it could be true, but not entirely. Actually people are driven more towards exploring various alternative and innovative ways to read books, magazines, newspaper and other stuff. Internet is proving boon for such avid readers ... Read More »

Gutenberg.Org | A Website Book Lovers Should Not Miss Visiting

There are definitely perks of being a book lover :). It opens the treasure of knowledge, wit and wisdom to you and at the same time asks your brain to imagine various stuff. That is why it is said that “reading is to mind, what exercise is to body”. Technology made a lot of stuff easier and affordable for us ... Read More »

thisiswhyimbroke.com | A Very Different Kind Of Online Shop | Website Reviews

There are several websites which offers something unique and you need to visit it to believe it. thisiswhyimbroke.com falls in that category. Of course, this is not the essential website, which you must visit. But at your leisure, you can visit to see some interesting offer. The site not only provides a good way to kill free time with enjoyment, ... Read More »

dosomething.org | Website worth visiting | Informative Reviews

Most of us live for ourselves, our family, our loved ones and a little more people. But there are people who makes difference and do something for the large scale segment of the society. We always try to make such voice heard via this website, whenever we got to know about the same. Recently we came to know about a ... Read More »

InkTalks.com | Website Worth To Visit | informative Views

It is quite a while since we did post a website review. Before a while we came across a website – http://www.inktalks.com – which we found worth sharing with our readers, and here are our views for the same. If you seek inspiration from somewhere, there is nothing wrong in the same. Actually, we human beings often comes to a ... Read More »