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The tales of Vikram and Vetal

The name of Samrat Vikramaditya is very popular and taken with respect especially in Indian subcontinents. King Vikramaditya or Vikram often referred as veer Vikram (the brave Vikram) was famous for his qualities. He is considered as one of the most ideal kings a citizen or a kingdom could have seen. He was given the title of “ParDukhBhanjan” (The one who does everything he can to get others out of any problems and sorrows). He was also known for his quality of analyzing the situation with great intelligence, and produce the justice. It is considered that he never made any mistake when evaluating any complex or strange situation, and always revealed the truth and given justice.

The kids used to hear the stories of Vikram in order to get the joy, knowledge, wit, wisdom, and more… all at once. Vikram’s tales with Vetal are amongst the famous ones. There are lot of books written about Vikram-Vetal (some pronounce Vetal as Betal or Baital). It is considered that 25 stories crafted around Vikram and Vetal are authentic (and popular as well). The original collection is known as Vetal Pachchisi (25 stories of Vetal – with Vikram). Vetal was a ghost, by the way.

The story continues…

Episode 1 : Vikram or Betaal

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