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PanchTantra – Hindi TV Serial – Episode 1

A long ago, (around a couple of millennia at least), somewhere in south India there was the kingdom of Mahilaraupya. A brave and intelligent King called AmarShakti was ruling it at that time. The citizens were living quality lives and very happy with the king. One day during the court session, seeing that the king was a bit tensed, his ministers asked him the reason behind that. The king said:

There is no issue with the kingdom or any element of the same as of now. But he is thinking about the future of the kingdom and the citizens, and finding it dark is the reason behind his worries.

None of his 3 sons, who will some day take charge of the kingdom, have the qualities to manage it properly. In fact all of them are dumb to their age as of now. He tried teaching them the qualities with the help of various teachers but all of them have failed indeed. Here, the minister advise him to take help of Acharya Vishnu Sharma. The king agree on the thought and decides to try his luck with this last ray of hope. He sends invitation to Pt. Vishnu Sharma to come to his court.

The burden of the thoughts of future makes the king visualizing a lot of stuff in mind. There he found accused by the kingdom of Mahilaraupya in the court of history and time. She (Mahilaraupya) claimed that the king failed fulfilling his responsibility to provide a proper successor who will take care of herself (the kingdom) properly. Such visions represents the state of mind the king was passing through, around that time.

Pt. Vishnu Sharma came to the court and Amarshakti told him of his dilemma, requesting him to educate his sons. Pt. Vishnu Sharma took the responsibility happily and promises the king that he will surely find his sons educated.

Then acharya Vishnu Sharma told the king that all his three princes will have to go with him to his aashram in jungle. They will have to live as normal students  and not as princes in order to get educated. And they must get familiar with all the aspects of real life. The king agreed with the thought. All three princes hesitated with the thoughts of living a hard life out of palace. Even the queen requested Vishnu Sharma to educate her children in palace itself in stead of taking them with him. The teacher explains the reason and convinces her as well.

When asked by the kids that how will they live without their servants to take care for their needs; acharya answers them they will find 42 dedicated servants for each of them to take care for. He clarified, two hands, two legs, two eyes, two ears, the mouth and the nose along with 32 teeth – all 42 parts of their own body will help them always. What a great thought conveyed in a simple way?!

And he brings all three prince with him to his ashram. On the next morning by the time the kids woke up Pt. Vishnu Sharma had already started teaching to the group of fellow students.

The story continues…

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