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Meeting Yama By Manoj V Jain | Book Review

Meeting Yama By Manoj V Jain | Book Cover

Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body. We firmly believe in this saying, by all means. And that’s why, like exercise has to be done properly, the posture of the body, the time of exercise, the body type, age and many other factors needs to be considered; in reading also, the choice of genre, quality of ... Read More »

Doomsday of Tamas: Race To The Second Apocalypse By Varun Sayal | Book Review

Doomsday of Tamas: Race To The Second Apocalypse (Time Travelers Book #3) By Varun Sayal | Cover Page

We at ThinkerViews find ourselves fortunate to getting exposed to so many talents in the literary world. In addition to the seasoned authors, some lesser known talented ones often comes up with something very interesting, imaginative and fascinating stories that are almost like the masterpieces. Listen To The Podcast: If you love to listen to the book review over reading, ... Read More »

A Candid And Detailed Author Interview With Pramudith Rupasinghe

Pramudith D. Rupasinghe - the author of - Bayan

Books are definitely our best friends. While we love reading thrillers, fiction, mythology oriented and inspirational books; we love exploring realistic meaningful read as well. In one such fortunate incident, we came to know about “Bayan” – a book by Pramudith Rupasinghe. The author is already popular in a circle and this is not his first book. But, this is ... Read More »

Eat Up, Clean Up By Manjari Chandra | Book Review

Eat Up, Clean Up: Your Personal Journey To A Healthy Life By Manjari Chandra | Book Cover

Books are our best friends. We, all ThinkerViews Team Members believe in this line. So, we keep exploring all kinds of books (well, with a few exceptions). And, we are fortunate that we get a chance to read books from across genres. And, books about Health are no exception. In fact, all of them teach different aspects to the readers. ... Read More »

Ilu : Chalnewali Chidiya (ईलू : चलनेवाली चिड़िया) by Kamal Upadhyay | Book Review

Ilu : Chalnewali Chidiya (ईलू : चलनेवाली चिड़िया) by Kamal Upadhyay | Book Cover

Parenting is a blissful responsibility. When raising your kid(s), you get a chance to live your childhood again. While you enjoy seeing kid(s) making little progress and even be proud of him/her/them, you also feel the need to implant the values, morals, ethics and wisdom you get through the years. There is no better way to convey a message than ... Read More »