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An Interesting Interview with Aditya K V | Author Of Daitya Diaries

Venkat Aditya Kopeneni aka Adiya K. V. - the author of - Daitya Diaries

Allow me to Introduce Aditya, the author of Daitya Diaries. Daitya Diaries delves into a fictional world inspired by Indian mythology. The book is basically a thriller with SciFi attributes weaved nicely into various timezones. The book is really good in many aspects. You can read our detailed review for the same at: Daitya Diaries (Blood And Vengeance) by Aditya ... Read More »

Listen To Any Song And Get Paid – Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Prime Music | Play And Win Contest

We often share interesting offers related to books, magazines, movies, and other stuff. Today I found an interesting offer on Amazon India and would love to share it with you :). What is the offer? Listen to any song on Prime Music and get ₹100 as Amazon Pay balance. Remember, this offer is exclusively available for the first time Prime ... Read More »

Shakuntala And Dushyanta by Ashok K Banker | Book Review

Shakuntala And Dushyanta: The Love Story That Gave Birth To A Nation: Epic Love Stories Book 1 | Book Cover

India is the largest democracy in the world. The name India is however given by the foreigners. The original name is “Bharat” (भारत) and that’s why it is officially written as Republic of India in English and भारत गणराज्य in Hindi. The name भारत is a tribute to the great King Bharat from the Chandravansh clan. He was the one ... Read More »

The Kumbh Travelogue 2019 by Anuj Tikku | Picture EBook Review

The Kumbh Travelogue 2019 by Anuj Tikku | Picture EBook | Cover Page

Kumbh Mela is the largest spiritual gathering (or possibly for that matter – gathering) around the world. The tradition of Kumbh Mela is centuries old. Every 12 years a full Kumbh and every 6 years a half Kumbh is arranged. The roots of the tradition lies into the ancient Indian (Bharatiya) literature which is often referred to as mythology. According ... Read More »