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The 3rd Survivor: A Unit 22 Thriller By Mainak Dhar | Book Review

The 3rd Survivor | A Unit 33 Thriller |. Mainak Dhar | Book Cover

As our regular readers and listeners know, we love reading thrillers. As a general rule we don’t discriminate between the seasonsed authors and those who are just a few books old. It helped us in finding some worthy authors whose writings are sometimes even better than some of the few “celebrity” authors. Mainak Dhar is one such author. We got ... Read More »

Kuber | A Hindi Book By Ashutosh Garg | Personal Review

Kuber | A Hindi Book By Ashutosh Garg | Book Cover

Bharatiya (that is Indian) culture is a magical tapestry. It is a perfect balance of science and philosophy. While most of the people believe that Dharma is religion and it is mostly about afterlife. It is not a correct definition. Dharma is much more than – religion. And the Bharatiya culture considers Dharm (Dharma), Arth (Artha), Kam (Kama) and Moksh(Moksha) ... Read More »

Build, Don’t Talk By Raj Shamani | Book Review

Build, Don't Talk By Raj Shamani | Book Cover

It is rightly said that the only constant is “change”. With time the way of life is also kept changing. It makes some things obsolete and some new discoveries take the center stage. The basic requirements of food, clothing and shelter remains there. And to fulfil them, one needs to earn. The way to earn is dependent a lot on ... Read More »

The Protected Rakshasa Kaal By Pranay Bhalerao | Book 2: Kavaach Trilogy | Book Review

The Protected Rakshasa Kaal By Pranay Bhalerao | Book 2: Kavaach Trilogy | Book Cover

Our regular readers know that we love reading thrillers, especially the ones which are a good blend of ancient and modern times, having elements of Vedic scripture and modern scientific inventions in a balanced manner. And, when looking for a good book, we don’t discriminate between seasoned authors and newbies. Thus, we found so many remarkable talents over the decades. ... Read More »