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The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman | Book Review

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman | Book Cover

2020 was a year of lots of shocks as the pandemic changed the way we live and interact with the world. A lot of highly anticipated and eagerly waited books did not make it to readers in the hard copy formats and readers turned to other platforms and discovered some new authors they liked. But by Christmas 2020, new books ... Read More »

Sniper’s Debt by Mainak Dhar | Book Review

Sniper's Debt by Mainak Dhar | Book Cover

Reading books by Mainak Dhar is always an interesting experience for me. I got to know about his books a long ago while exploring online bookstores and eventually I gave one of them a try. Then, the quality of his writing proved its own metal and since then, not only me but any of our team members don’t miss a ... Read More »

Saboteur By R V Raman | Book Review

Saboteur By R V Raman | Book Cover

To most of us, the world of big money is a mystery. Our interactions are limited to our bank transactions, bill payments, savings, loans, etc. as part of our day-to-day lives. But when it comes to finance at corporate levels, there are many layers and intricacies involved. There are also always people who are smart, but not very ethical, who ... Read More »