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The Ineligible Millionaire by Tarun Varshney | Book Review

The Ineligible Millionaire by Tarun Varshney | Book Cover

There was a time when reading was considered only a literary pursuit and reading for entertainment was a leisure activity that not many people found time for. But as the world changed in the nineties and more and more people started working for international companies, a lot of these young professionals started to pen successful books that are stories of ... Read More »

The New Rules of Business By Rajesh Srivastava | Book Review

The New Rules of Business: Get Ahead or Get Left Behind: By Rajesh Srivastava | Book Cover

Do you love reading self-help and management books? We do. My humble opinion is, some of such books contain so much of real-world wisdom backed by examples, that they prove to be better teachers. Sometimes they teach you some important lessons that you can learn in classrooms and text books. You should read such books, regardless of your area of ... Read More »

Balraj By Manoj V Jain | Book Review

Balraj By Manoj V Jain | Book Cover

Manoj V. Jain is a businessman who loves writing books. His books are always thoughtful and mostly fall in the inspirational/self-awakening categories. We came to know about him through his book Dystopia. Eventually, we got a chance to read his book, A Man From Mandu and we’ve had an opportunity to have an author interview with him as well. Dystopia ... Read More »

Soul Selfie By Sadguru Rameshji | Book Review

Soul Selfie: How To Click Into Your Real Self By Sadguru Rameshji | Book Review

Being a professional reviewer associated with esteemed Team ThinkerViews I feel lucky to getting exposed to books of various genres. Our regular readers know that we talk about books exploring various subjects. Of course, we skip talking about books fall in adult-only, horror and some other segments. We love to talk about genuine books in self-help, motivational, inspirational and spiritual ... Read More »