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Kuber | A Hindi Book By Ashutosh Garg | Personal Review

Kuber | A Hindi Book By Ashutosh Garg | Book Cover

Bharatiya (that is Indian) culture is a magical tapestry. It is a perfect balance of science and philosophy. While most of the people believe that Dharma is religion and it is mostly about afterlife. It is not a correct definition. Dharma is much more than – religion. And the Bharatiya culture considers Dharm (Dharma), Arth (Artha), Kam (Kama) and Moksh(Moksha) ... Read More »

Miserable Success By Sudha Murty | Unbiased Review Of A Short EBook

Miserable Success By Sudha Murty | Book Cover

Miserable success Sudha Murthy Recently I got a chance to read a short story named Miserable Success penned by humble, intelligent and successful author Smt. Sudha Murty. She doesn’t need any introduction. Her life was started in a humble background, but she made the 100% use of the opportunity she got, to get educated. And, she excelled in her studies. ... Read More »

Mystical Tales For A Magical Life by Shubha Vilas | Book Review

Mystical Tales For A Magical Life - 11 Unheard Fantastic Vedic Stories by Shubha Vilas | Book Cover

India (that is Bharat) has the most ancient civilization existed in modern times which is enriched with the knowledge and wisdom preserved in the form of literature. Vedas spread and kept alive through the tradition of telling and listening from generation to generation. Knowledge and wisdom are possibly the most essential treasures we need to own and carry forward, however, ... Read More »