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The radically changing nature of Work, Workers & Workplaces by Parthajeet Sarma | Book Reviews

The radically changing nature of Work, Workers & Workplaces Using space as a starting point for innovation by Parthajeet Sharma | Book Cover

Energy is at the core for everything. And, scientists had proven already it can neither be created or destroyed. We can simply make it change forms. And, that is the core principle we see in almost everything we’ve developed. People distinguish energy into mainly two categories, positive energy and negative energy. To keep positive energy at its best people uses ... Read More »

The Old Kingdom Chronicles by Garth Nix | Book Review

Sometimes the real world is either too bleak if you are old, or too limited if you are young, and so you want the flight of fantasy to take you to the lands where life is more magical. Not simpler by any means, but richer in terms of adventure, in terms of drama, where every life doesn’t necessarily end in ... Read More »

Lyra’s Oxford by Philip Pullman | Book Review

Oxford, where the real and the unreal jostle in the streets; where the North Parade is in the south and South Parade is in the north, where Paradise is lost under a pumping station; where the river mists have a solvent and vivifying effect on the stone of the ancient buildings, so that the gargoyles of Magdalen College climb down ... Read More »

The Hungry Swan by Tavamanickam Ramasamy | Book Reviews

The Hungry Swan by Tavamanickam Ramasamy - Book Cover

Recently we are getting more books to review which fall in inspirational and philosophical read category. As far as we find some substance the book, we don’t let go an opportunity to talk about it and share our views for the same. Here are some of the books we’ve shared our views recently, which are not fantasy fictions written for ... Read More »

Dance in the Rain by Shreya Dutta | Short Book Review

Dance in the Rain by Shreya Dutta | Book Cover

Our regular readers know that we usually doesn’t talk about poem collections at ThinkerViews. However, recently we came to read some of them and thought that it would be worth to share our thoughts about the same with you all. In the same regards. recently we talked about a Hindi book – Ira Ki Kahaniyan (which is a children special ... Read More »