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Katha By Shoba Narayan | Book Review

Katha By Shoba Narayan | Book Cover

Being a professional book reviewer, that too associated with prestigious team ThinkerViews has its own perks. We get a chance to read books from various genres and even get a chance to connect to some talents which are not well-recognised yet. While most of the reader prefer thrillers, fantasy fictions and mythological stuff; self-help, inspirational, motivational and marketing specific books ... Read More »

The Influencer By Mayank Chandna (Abhaidev) | Book Review

The Influencer: Speed Must Have a Limit - Book Cover

Listen To The Podcast: If you love to listen to the book review over reading, or if you want to go through it while doing other activity, here is our Podcast of this review article. Do listen, and share your thoughts with us. Spotify: YouTube: We found ourselves fortunate for many reasons. One of the same is, the gift of ... Read More »

The Genius of Indraprastha (Gondwana Chronicles Book 1) by Harshwardhan | Book Review

The Genius of Indraprastha (Gondwana Chronicles Book 1) by Harshwardhan | Book Cover

Humans have in-built love for stories – whether these are fictional or historical. The difference, however, is that a historical story doesn’t always end with a nicely tied end where no questions are left unanswered. More often than not, the historical stories are compiled from many narratives and tales pieced together to make a complete picture. It is therefore understandable ... Read More »

Birthday Girl by Haruki Murakami | Short story Review

Birthday Girl by Haruki Murakami | Cover Page

While novel has been the reigning format in fiction for decades now, short stories have held their ground even though their numbers are diminishing. There are classics in the genre that are all-time favorites with readers of authors like O. Henry. The stories leave deep impact not only because of their surprising twists at the end, but also because they ... Read More »