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Disciples of Trikaal | Short Book Review

Disciples of Trikaal: Prequel story to Time Trvellers series as Varun Sayal | Book Cover

** spoiler alert ** [This book is provided by ThinkerViews, as part of book review collaboration” in the review.] Book Title : Disciples of Trikaal Prequel Story to Time Travelers Series Author : Varun Sayal Publisher : Self Publied (1 October 2019) # of Pages : (3468 KB) 80 (Kindle EBook) # of Chapters : 7 Purchase Link(s) : Buy ... Read More »

Salespeople Don’t Lie by Roshan L. Joseph | Book Review

Salespeople Don't Lie by Roshan L. Joseph | Book Cover

Some professions require real hard work from the people doing them but are often not recognized for the same. Salespeople are one such “species”! They have targets to meet and no excuses (not even genuine ones) are entertained(!) by their superiors! In broad aspects, almost the entire world is a market and people are trying to sale one thing or ... Read More »

GiveAway 7 : November 2019

The Third Eye And Other Tales by Sumana D. Choudhury | Book Cover

Hi Friends, Here is one more book giveaway for our regular readers. November 2019 Giveaway You can stand a chance to win a book named The Third Eye And Other Tales by Sumana Dutta Chowdhury. It is a Short Story Collection which explores the which is worth reading. You can take a sneak peek into the same by reading a ... Read More »

The Third Eye And Other Tales By Sumana D Chowdhury | Book Review

The Third Eye And Other Tales by Sumana D. Choudhury | Book Cover

Have you heard the saying Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body? And, do you believe it? Well, we at ThinkerViews strongly believe in it. Some stories are inspirational and some are funny, some of them thrill us and some of them motivate, some explore the psyche in depth and some introduce us to selflessness… The ... Read More »

Kartikeya, the Destroyer’s Son By Anuja Chandramouli | Book Review

Kartikeya: The Destroyer's Son - by - Anuja Chandramouli - Book Cover

Anuja Chandramouli‘s bestselling mythology based novel Kartikeya, the Destroyer’s Son is based on War God Kartikey’s legend. Now it is a recent trend in Indian fantasy fiction that authors like to pick up mythological characters from Indian epics and retelling their stories in a different way. No doubt, it is a good initiative, it not only refreshing our memories regarding ... Read More »

Amba and Bhishma By Ashok K Banker | Book Review

Amba and Bhishma (A Love Story That Was Never Meant To Be) By Ashok K Banker | Book Cover

Mahabharta has something within it which makes people revisit it again and again from the same or different perspective. No doubt, it is the greatest and longest epic available in the world since ages. The telling and retellings have made so many versions of the tale that it may count in 100s or probably thousands and we may not know ... Read More »