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By visiting the website thinkerviews.com (referred as site/website below) you agree that you have read the following disclaimer, and you are agree with the same, by all means:

All the reviews are personal and as per right of freedom to express views are published.

All the reviews displayed on the site are the personal reviews of the person who posted the same (and so do the comments).

All the reviews posted are original and the property of the site owner therefore.

The comments, once posted on the site, becomes the property of the site.

When a book/movie/tv serial/website (or any other stuff that is mentioned on the website) is referred, it belongs to its legal copyright holder. (Eg. The book belongs to the author and the publisher, the website belongs to the site owner etc. – as mentioned in the actual item’s original copyright notice).

We neither own nor claim owning such third party stuff which is reviewed on the website.

We, by no means endorse any product/service which are reviewed or mentioned otherwise.

We, do use images from the public domain of Wikipedia, and – free for commercial usage images – from various sources like http://morguefile.com and pixabay.com. In any case you think you own the stuff (or know someone who owns it) and it is inappropriate for us to use it, just let us know with details and we will take actions immediately. Wo do respect ownership and copyrights by all means.

The affiliate links to purchase the product are a way to earn, and when a purchase (of good/service/others) is made from the linked site, please read their terms of service, disclaimer and other policies. If you face any problem/dispute with the same, you have to contact them, as we are by no means liable for the same.

We embed the stuff which is public available (eg. videos from YouTube representing a particular scene/trailer/episode/other of the movie/tv serial/book/other). So for example a YouTube video is embedded then it is owned by the user who uploaded it on YouTube, and made it public embeddable.

But in any case if you own any of the stuff and want us not to embed it, you can let us know by commenting in the relevant blog post, and we will try resolving the stuff at the earliest we can. We respect the copyright owner’s right and we will do our best to support them.

We, by all the means try to keep the website up to date and noninfectious, but it is the responsibility of the viewer to keep his/her and/or his/her device/other property’s safety. We are not responsible for any damage done due to your visit to the website, by any means.

This disclaimer is updated periodically. We reserve right to update it anytime and the vision/interpretation of the words mentioned above.

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