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Tale 1 : Vikarm Aur Betaal : TV Serial On DVD : Views and Reviews

After Vikram controlled Betaal, he left for Yogi’s place where he was doing ultimate worship. On the way from graveyard to the Yogi’s place, Betal (Vetal) started talking to Vikram. He told Vikram that he will tell him a story which will help them passing time when keep walking. There is a catch though, Vikram should have to hear the story attentively but should not speak anything. Betaal asked, if Vikram will utter a word, he will get out of his control and will get back to his place in the graveyard’s tree by flying. Vikramaditya agree.

And there starts the first story of the series. The entire series is of 25 stories known as Vetal Pachisi or Betaal Pachisi. The serial is adapted from the original Sanskrit script of Betal Pachisi written by Somdev Bhatt.

The first story is “Suryamal and his wife’s dilemma

Once upon a time somewhere there was two friends named Suryamal [played by: Satish Kaul] and Chandrasen [played by: Vijay Arora] living in a village. Once they were travelling to Pataliputra from their village. They stopped at a temple of a Devee (a Goddess) to pay respect there. Well, we don’t know what boon Suryamal have asked for when praying the Goddess, but when he turned back he saw a very beautiful and charming lady came to the temple for worship. He lost his heart for her. There couldn’t be any chance he could have asked for anything else. After leaving from temple he asked his friend Chandrasen that he fall in love for the lady he saw at the temple, and he couldn’t live without her.

Chandrasen replied Suryamal that as you have decided to marry her, why not go to the home of the lady and talk to her parents and approach them. Suryamal said yes, and they went to the home of the lady [played by: Anu Dhavan]. Well not only father of the girl, but mother also found worried that if they can get a proper groom for their daughter who love and care for her, give her all the happiness and support her throughout the life. The lady’s parents [father, played by: Ramesh Bhatkar; mother played by: Lata] were no exception. They agree to get her married to Suryamal and but proposed a demand.

The demand was very genuine though. What they asked is; The lady is grown up worshiping the Devee since early childhood. She do not take any food till she pay respect to the Devee, and they want that the she should keep this routine after the marriage as well. Suryamal happily agreed. They got married then. When they were leaving for Suryamal’s home, the lady’s parents asked them to leave the next morning instead of leaving a little late in the day, as there is a jungle on the way to Surymal’s village. Suryamal and Chandrasen told that they have been away from the home since long, so better they go.

When they were going with a small troop, enjoy talking and dreaming about the future; They were attacked by a decoit. When the fight gone deadly the lady fainted. They all fought bravely but Chandrasen and Suryamal both got beheaded during the fight. When the lady awakened she found all them dead including her husband and his friend, she prayed the Godess and asked her that now there is no reason she should live. The Godess herself came to her and asked her that she is very happy with her dedicated worship for years. She can offer her the life of her husband and his friend back, she simply should join the body and head of Suryamal and Chandrasen and they will come alive.

Buried in a lot of happiness and hurry the lady have joined the body and head for both the fellows, but she made it wrong. She joint Chandrasen’s body with Suryamal’s head and vice-versa. They both come alive but as different persons. They both asked the lady that they were married to her and she is his bride.

After reaching this point, Vetal asked Vikram, “As you are very clever and intelligent, very brave and philanthropist, known for your unbiased justice, who is the real husband of the bride?” Vetal asked if Vikram know the answer and will not tell, he will be blasted. Vikram took the challenge and answered that the real groom for the bride is …..

Well, it is something I will reveal, think logically and you may like to watch the TV serial episode to verify your answer. May be you are as clever as Vikram to evaluate this incident 🙂

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