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Ladakh Adventure by Deepak Dalal | Book Review

Ladakh Adventure by Deepak Dalal | Book Cover

Growing up without adventure stories will make our childhood incomplete. The joy of exploring new places in the school holidays is one of the most anticipated activities for children of all ages. And especially teenagers as they have opportunities to go to school trips and campings with their friends and discover the joys of learning from the school of nature ... Read More »

The Vault of Vishnu By Ashwin Sanghi | Book Review

The Vault of Vishnu By Ashwin Sanghi | Book Cover

Ashwin Sanghi is one of the most appreciated authors when it comes to modern Indian literature. When it comes to thrillers set-up in the modern world having roots in Indian mythology, his works are worth reading for sure. Though I was not impressed with his earlier books much, I found he grew up very much, as an author, with each ... Read More »

The League of Extraordinary Gentleman | Movie Review

As the science fiction of the previous century has become today’s reality, the world of fantasy and adventures has expanded to more futuristic adventures of characters that first appeared in comic books but now rule the world of blockbusters set in Marvel and DC comic universes. There are now many versions as well as permutation combinations of such characters – ... Read More »