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Why Kolhapuri Chappals Are a Must Have Ethnic Footwear

Chappals - A Good Choice To Go All Ethnic

If there is one particular footwear that represents the culture and tradition of India, it is the Kolhapuri chappals for men. This footwear has been here for ages and is still trending because of its versatility. Handcrafted from leather, Kolhapuri chappals for men are the top choice for men who want to stay stylish but are also in touch with ... Read More »

The Marriage Season Is Approaching | Let Us Go All Ethnic

Ethnic Shoes - Rich Mojaris - Perfect Match For All Wedding Events

So, one more year flew by with Diwali 2019! The new year came with new hopes and new beginnings. And, what could be a more interesting beginning of a new phase of life than a marriage?! You might have started receiving wedding cards and marking dates on your calendar :). And, that must have started a hunt for the many ... Read More »

Celebrate this Diwali with Ethnicity

Diwali - Diyas : Celebrate this Diwali with Ethnicity

In our land of festivals that celebrate cultural heritage and ethnicity, nothing quite matches the king of festivals for its splendour and richness. Diwali is the time to celebrate the victory of light over darkness, admire the colours of Rangoli, clean the debris of the previous year and welcome Goddess Lakshmi into our houses and lives, greet a New Year ... Read More »

Ethnicity by Appearance | Perseverance Blend With Fashion

How often do we judge people by appearances? The answer is – “almost always”. As you go through your day, whether walking in the street, travelling in a bus or local train, shopping, banking, working – the brain carries on cataloguing people subconsciously with no active effort as we go through our routine life – ranging from… “that’s a smart ... Read More »