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Reader’s Digest India | July 2015 Issue | Magazine Reviews

The July 2015 issue of Reader’s Digest (India Edition) is quite on time and here are our views and reviews for the same.

Reader's Digest (India) - Jul 2015 - Cover

Reader’s Digest (India) – Jul 2015 – Cover

The editorial is very important part of any magazine or newspaper as it serves as a bridge between the reader and the editor. Editor Mohan Sivanand raise an important point. He talks about cheating, lie, abuse and other such wrongdoings done by the people who are very religious. If they are religious in true sense, how can they do the things which the religion classifies as improper.

Reg Green is famous name amongst those who are aware with organ donation and various awareness campaigns about the same. A detailed article about him is one of the worth to read content. Before two decades when Green was on holiday in Italy with his entire family. They were cornered by some robbers who started shooting on their car. They were able to run away from the place but on the way they found that one of Green’s son was shot in the head, and was unable to survive!. Green however took a noble decision, he decided to donate the organs of his son, to help the needful. This decision changed the rest of the life of Reg. The article is rightly placed under the title – Everyday Heroes. It proves that if you have heart, you can turn the outcome of wrong incidents into right once.

The organisation he runs in the memory of his beloved son Nicholas is named after him. To know more about the same visit : http://www.nicholasgreen.org

The Dalai Lama is one of the wisest religious leaders of our time. He is open-minded and modern. He believes that Ethics are more important than Religion. His statement after the Paris mishap There are days when I think it would be better if there were no religions shows his human qualities. In an interview conducted by Franz Alt (published in this issue) you will find him answering honestly. The interview is definitely a must read segment.

Nancy Comiskey lost her daughter Kate which made her life a long grief. She and her husband started thinking that there is no end of their sad times. Over the period of time they fond new meaning of their life, which lead them to hope, happiness and joy. On November 12, 2014 she published her emotional account at: http://www.indianapolismonthly.com/news-opinion/dear-kate-living-with-grief/. This entire tale is found in this issue. It is not perfect in terms of literary aspects, but it has the emotional quotient. It could have been more effective if the writing quality was even better. No doubt, a good read.

Day by day our life style is changed. We seems to be on a quest to achieve more material happiness. It leads to consumerism and the world of marketing grabs the opportunity to attract the potential customers inside us. Well, there is nothing wrong in that, and the marketing efforts are not criminal at all. We, however need to understand that the shop or mall or a supermarket is a business venture and they are doing their best to sell more. It is the consumer who needs to know what he/she “actually needs”. We all have budgets when go to shopping (if not, well, we need to implant some wisdom inside us and prepare a budget fist). Have you ever experienced that the supermarket offers made you spend more than you planned? There is an article titled Little known secrets from the supermarket. It is a compilation of various good advises.

The advises are good. However we have expected more from this article, as it is promoted on the cover page as a promising cover story.

A lot of stuff we use in our routine (especially which is imported or non-local) might travelled to us through container ships (or cargo ships). We however are not much aware with it. An article about such ships written by Robert Kiener talks about container ships. Some photographs are really good, and the illustration which compares a mammoth ship with Eiffel tower is really informative. We think the article could be written in more simple language to reach to more readers.

Who knew? is a small yet informative piece of reading. When we look at logos of various companies we may not pay too much attention towards details. Sometimes the piece of design we ignored might have a logic behind it. This article explores such facts for the logos of:

  • Fedex
  • Wikipedia
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Baskin-Robbins
  • Sun Microsystems
  • Toblerone
  • Dell

Don’t give it a miss.

Another small yet informative piece of reading comes from medical world. It is a compilation of news by Kelsey Kloss, which covers the following:

  • Healthiest bedtime reading habits
  • Walk off a sugar craving
  • The Bacteria in a smooch
  • Preterm delivery linked to heart risks
  • New diet plan for diabetics
  • A little grandparenting sharpens the mind
  • Open up with laughter
  • Sleep and success

13 things to know about the first impression is also interesting read.

Ada Bucur’s article titled Switched At Birth explores an incident from Romania. Two ladies named Rammona and Ionela left the hospital with babies, which are unfortunately switched. Over the period of time the truth came to light and the families now have a strong bond. Who says that such incidents happen only in movies, books and TV Serials only!?

Anita Bartholomew’s article tiled Into The Mud explores a real life drama about land sliding mishap. The article is having informative photographs and illustrations which elaborates detail properly.

We believe in the motto “if you have a heart, you can help anybody”. And thus the Kindness of strangers is one of our favorite segment of the magazine, which has the same motto. Every time it explores various incidents where people found helping others simply due to generosity and humanity. We always stand by our loved ones, of course, but, it needs bigger heart to help strangers. The people who does it, are the real heroes. They must be appreciated, obviously. When we see almost every kind of media is flooded with news of anti-social, anti-human activities and scams; exploring such incidents are more important. To make the society the better place for living, we need to develop such human qualities in ourselves.

One such incident explored this time is from Uttarakhand. One small incident about Dhaba Hospitality is also worth reading.

See the world differently – this time talks about an American artist who does body painting. The interesting thing is while most of the creators are tempted to make 3D stuff on 2D canvas, she loves to do otherwise. She converts 3D (real models) into temporary 2D art piece. You gotta see the pictures.

The magazine have a few more articles in health, humour and other areas which are worth reading.

Final Verdict

Having more highs then the lows makes the issue definitely worth reading. It is not exceptionally well, but it good for no doubt. You should go for it.

Have you already read this issue? What you think about it? Do let us know your views about this article via comments below, we like to read you. And yes, do not forget to share this article with your friends over various social networks via Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and others. And yes, you may like to subscribe to our RSS feeds and follow us on various Social networks to get latest updates for the site to land right in your mail box.

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