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Baahubali: The Beginning | Indian Film | Movie Reviews

Baahubali: The Beginning is an Indian movie by director S. S. Rajamouli which is made simultaneously in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. The movie was released on 10th July 2015 and met with the immense success commercially and critically.

Movie : Baahubali: The Beginning
Director :
S. S. Rajamouli
Produced by : Prasad Devineni, Shobu Yarlagadda
Story by :
Screenplay :
Music By : M. M. Keeravani
Editor : Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Cinematography :
Production Company : Arka Media Works
Distributed by : Telugu:
Arka Media Works
Studio Green, UV Creations
Dharma Productions
Global United Media
Released On :
Starring : Prabhas (Shivudu / Mahendra Baahubali / Amarendra Baahubali), Tamannaah (Avanthika), Rana Daggubati (Bhallala Deva), Anushka Shetty (Maharani Devasena), Ramya Krishnan (Sivagami), Sathyaraj (Kattappa), Nassar (Bijjaladeva), and others…
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We often said that content is the king (for any creation), and we need to add that treatment makes it even better (or worst).

For – Baahubali: The Beginning – the maker came with a gripping tale and treated it with fantastic cinematic aids. Almost everything in the film is larger than the life. The movie plot is highly inspired by famous Indian tales like : Amar Chitra Katha. It is worth to note that the makers added the gripping ingredients to make it enjoyable. The movie is added with a suspense and the upcoming second part of the same is thus awaited eagerly by a lot of movie fans, making it almost a commercial success before even its release.

Rajamouli said in interview that: The story, about two warring brothers for a kingdom, is so big that one film is not enough. We tried but we were losing some of the emotional quotient hence the second release after a gap of 10 months.

The sets of the movie are glorious and larger than the life. It is considered that the production cost of both the parts of the movie is around INR 250 crore (which is around US$39 million)! Actually, the more important thing is, the money spent are quite visible. It is not only the huge amount of money spent for the movie, the movie shooting is started from 6 July 2013. The art director have spent months in creating the set with detailed vision.

Sabu Cyril told in an interview that: Every hour is a challenge on the sets of Baahubali. Period films are a huge responsibility as there is no room for mistakes. Everything was created from scratch : chairs, thrones, palaces, swords, armor and costumes.

It is worth to note that: a completely new language, called Kiliki was created by the lyricist Madhan Karky which is spoke by the Kalakeya tribe (in the movie).

The art director’s work is exceptionally well. In the same arena we must mention the fight masters. The wars are choreographed nicely. The use of horses and elephants creates fantastic effect on the screen. The dialogs are well written. The background music is compelling. The integration of Shiva Tandav Stotra is very effective.

There is no skin-show, which makes the movie a family watch.

The script writer has a clear vision of the story and the director knows what he is exploring. This makes the things move on smoothly. S. S. Rajamouli have proved his talent in a way that all the movies he made achieved commercial success and dubbed in Hindi and other languages. Some of them are even re-made in Hindi (e.g.Rowdy Rathore, Son of Sardar). He is in full form in this movie as well.

The wardrobe is taken care of nicely. The camera work is good. The crowd and war scenes are a delight to watch on the screen. The SFX and VFX team needs to be appreciated for the fantastic work they have done.

You may find a few scenes way too melodramatic, however it doesn’t work against the movie as an overall package.

The casting director did a remarkable job in choosing right actors for almost every role. If a wrong actor is chosen to play the character he/she cannot justify fully, the effect of the movie were to hurt. Be it Prabhas or Rana or Nassar or Sathyaraj, they all looks the character they portray on the screen. Tamannah is not just an eye-candy in the film, she got the scenes where she have to show her skills as a warrior as well. She is convincing in the same. Anushka is not very effective.

Of course the movie is on the shoulders of Prabhas and he leaves no stones unturned in exploring what he has to. He is effective. So does Rana. Nassar and Sathyaraj leaves the impact in comparatively smaller roles. Ramya is convincing as a powerful queen.

Bird’s Eye View to the story of the movie

The movie explores the tale of Mahishmati, an ancient kingdom of India. Sivagami, the queen of Mahishmati was a genuine, strong and ethical ruler. She always believed in the abilities of a person rather than personal relations. She chose her nephew Amarendra Baahubali to be the next ruler of Mahishmati over Bhallala Deva.

Bhallala Deva has a tendency to achieve his goals by using whatever way it takes. The events take turns and Sivagami has to run to save Mahendra Baahubali (son of Amarendra Bahubali) from Bhallala Deva and his men! She was able to save the infant using her warrior skills, but reached to a place where there is no point ahead to run. While drowning into the water she does all she can to save Baahubali.

The kid was saved by the villagers near by and grown up to be Shivudu. Shivudu have some unknowing attraction towards the path he came from and was willing to explore it by all means. How he discover his own story is the rest of the movie.

Final verdict

If you love costume drama and epics, you will surely enjoy this movie, which is a visually appealing cinematic experience with some power-packed performances. Usually such movies run on a thin story and more visuals, this movie however has a story to tell, which you will also like to explore.

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