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Interview of Uday Satpathy | Author of Brutal

Recently we got an opportunity to interview Mr. Uday Satpathy, the author of Brutal. Brutal – his debut book is unique in a sense that it is possibly first crowd-curated book from India. (To know more about it, visit Bloody Good Book.) The book is scheduled to be published on 5th August 2015.

Uday is a Sales Manager who possess a degree in Engineering. According to him IT and Sales are part of his day jobs, he is passionate about writing since early age. Nowadays we see lot of experts from various fields are coming into writing arena and making a mark, it would be interesting to see Uday’s career as an author. His book is a good choice for crime thriller lovers.

Uday Satpathy - Author Of Brutal

Uday Satpathy – Author Of Brutal

Here is our conversation with him:

First of all thank you Uday for finding time to talk to us. Hope you are enjoying the moments as countdown has already begun for your first book – Brutal’s publication.

With fingers crossed and bated breath, I am waiting for the 5th of August. Getting one’s first book published is a memorable occasion for every author and it applies to me as well. I hope the love and admiration Brutal has received till now continues.

You are a sales manager by profession, what inspired you to explore the literary world?

Well, storytelling appeals more to me, to be honest. IT and Sales is my day job and I need it to make a living. But yes, in IT, I have to conform to a world others have created. When I am a writer, I create my own worlds. That’s what probably keeps luring me into the literary world.

We often see that usually an author (when came from a specific field) try to explore his world in his book. For example John Grisham write Legal thrillers, Ravi Subramanian goes with banking thrillers, Maya Kavita writes thriller about IT industry; you are an engineer who did MBA, what made you explore the world of Reporters?

It’s all about research. Tom Clancy had hardly been inside a submarine when he wrote “The hunt for Red October“, a book known for its stunning technical accuracy. David Ignatius writes thrillers on global dynamics with jaw-dropping detail, spanning different sub-genres. For me also, creating a story around journalism was all about reading stuff in-depth on relevant topics and meeting with people. But, my goal is not to focus on any specific sub-genre in thrillers. One of my novels can be an espionage thriller and another an apocalyptic thriller.

There are many characters, arenas and conspiracies weaved in – Brutal. Seems you have had the entire story in your mind clearly. It is tough to keep track of that otherwise. Have you added any character(s) on the fly?

Yes, some characters dropped in simply because the story demanded it. That’s inevitable in an 80,000 word novel. But, the major 6-7 characters had been planned well in advance during the creation of the plot outline. Though I did give my characters a breathing space and the opportunity to shape the story themselves.

By reading your book, we are sure that you have a fantastic career and fan-following ahead as a writer. Are you going to continue writing thrillers only, or you have any other genre(s) in your mind which you may like to explore.

Thank you for your positive words. I am inherently a thriller author. So, my books will always involve some amount of mystery and suspense. I might try out genres like romance, sci-fi or historical fiction in future, but as I speak, I don’t have any such plot in mind.

Which other authors you really love to read?

I love the writing of Steig Larsson, Dan Brown, Robert Ludlum and Michael Connelly. I also like Scandinavian thrillers a lot.

Please name some of your favourite books?

There are a lot of them – The Millennium series, 1984, The Andromeda Strain, Angels and Demons, The day of the Jackal… the list goes on.

Currently reading which book?

I am reading White Plague by James Abel.

What are the other things you love to do apart from reading and writing (and of course doing your job 🙂 )?

I love cooking. Kebabs are my specialty. Besides, I watch a lot of movies.

Is there a specific writing pattern you follow? Is there a specific time you prefer to write?

My work schedule is quite erratic so I usually write in a series of waves. Each wave takes me from one plot milestone to another. In between, there might be weeks when I am not able to make time for writing. Wish I can become more disciplined in future.

Being a sales manager you might have different target and challenges everyday. How does they affect to your writing?

The best thing about sales is that I get to meet all sorts of people day in and day out –interesting people, inspiring people, weird people. There is no avoiding them, because they are customers. You have to spend time with them, understand their problems and try to look at the world through their lens. So, it has helped me better appreciate the nuances of human nature and probably that finds a way into my writing.

Is there anything else you would like to tell from your end?

I would like to thank all my readers who reviewed Brutal and wrote nice things about it when it was just another manuscript on BloodyGoodBook.com. Between those days and today, the BGB team has worked with me tirelessly to make my book five times better. Hope people will like it.

Hope you have enjoyed the conversation and found some of your questions answered from him 🙂

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