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Anuj Tikku Talking About His Book – Unholy Tales Of Banaras

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To our regular readers, the name of Anuj Tikku, is not unknown. He has his own time in the advertisement and movie industry. And, his life was almost on track when a mishap turned it 180 degrees. It is said that your character is exposed when you are facing tough times. He came out of it bravely and started exploring his other passings.

Travelling and Writing are two things he found his peace in. He became a professional travel blogger and during his escapades, he became spiritual too. He started documenting his travels shared through his blog – Tikku’s Travelthon.

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Recently, we got a chance to read his book – The Unholy Tales Of Banaras – and this author interview is in the context of the same. Here is our unbiased book review for the same:
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Anuj Tikku Talking About His Book - Unholy Tales Of Banaras

Anuj Tikku Talking About His Book – Unholy Tales Of Banaras

Hi Anuj,
Greetings again…!
Seems you are on the spree to write books following your passion almost religiously. Please share your thoughts about your passion for writing.

Writing for me is therapeutic, it helps me improve my imagination and it helps me to assimilate things that I have observed better. I have now written 17 books and my journey has just started as an author.

While most of your books are travelogues, it is comparatively easy for you to write.  Unholy Tales From Banaras – is a crime thriller, a totally different genre, how the idea of this book is conceived and materialized.?

The idea of the book came when I was travelling the city of Banaras. I wanted to do a story centered around the city and explore the aghodi cult, which I did through this book. The murder mystery just happened as I wrote the story. I enjoy exploring the esoteric and mystical part of our world.

The characters in the book are named interestingly. For example Chashma Baba wears Ray Ban goggles :). How did you came up with these interesting names and characteristics? What are the inspirations behind them?

Through observation, Chashma baba is a real baba I meet in the Kumbh ka Mela.

These are real people I see and meet during my travels.

Why, you have set up the story in Banaras? Is there a reason for it? Mostly thrillers are set up in metro cities these days. Of course, the writers like Satyajit Ray has Feluda mysteries set up in Banaras, in past.

I like Banaras and have visited the city many times. So the story came to me naturally. My mother did her graduation from BHU also.

Unholy Tales from Banaras by Anuj Tikku | Book Cover

Unholy Tales from Banaras by Anuj Tikku | Book Cover

In the book, you have shared a few of your Banaras related travelogues as a bonus. Can you share details about it? And, how the idea to integrate those articles in this book is materialized?

Well since the story is based in Banaras I only thought it prudent to slide into it some articles about my travels within the city.

How many days you stayed at Banaras in recent most visit?

I was there for a whole month and saw a lot of the city.

Which food of Banaras you love the most?

Rasmalai, Dosa and Shahi Paneer.

Is there a food you want to suggest visitors to must try when visiting Banaras?

Shahi Paneer and Lassi

How was your experience of eating a Banarasi Paan :)?

Pure bliss very good for digestion and keeps the stomach light a great aphrodisiac.

How easy/tough is to find a hotel/Dharmshala during a visit there? Is there any place you can suggest, based on your experience?

I stay in hotels with OYO rooms facility so most things are available to me most rooms are under Rs 2000 a day.

Have you witnessed the Ganga Aarti in Banaras? Can you share a photograph of the same?

Yes, I have done it both in Banaras and in Haridwar.

You’ve visited the famous Banaras Hindu University. How different the campus of the same you found, in comparison to the universities in other cities?

The campus is old and the buildings are also old fashioned it reminded me more of my institute in twenty years back.

Scooty, as you said, the best vehicle to explore Banaras. Are they available there for rent? How costly are they?

My friend Tiwari has one and he would take me around on it. I never rent it out.

For elderly people, the rickshaw, etc. are available? Are they reasonable (in terms of rate)?

Yes, they are the lifeline of the city and you can get to most places in under Rs 100.

What, according to you, should be done to make Banaras an even better tourist destination?

Clean it up. Widen the roads. But, most important is the cleaning of the ghats.

You have launched a campaign recently, where many of your books were available for free. How was the response?

It was good the best sale so far in 10 months I sold over 200 books.

Every book affects its author in one way or the other. How, writing – Unholy tales of Banaras – affected you?

Yes, it has. It has brought me closer to my roots in UP.

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