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Anuj Tikku | Talking About His Book Antarctica Diaries

Anuj Tikku is a popular travel blogger from India. Recently, he has started consolidating his blog posts and experiences about various travels and compiling them in the form of a book. In a matter of short period, he came up with around 8 books! Of course, years of traveling and blogging is behind it.

We have built a comparatively good rapport with each other and he shares his books and thoughts with us regularly. Recently we got a chance to read two more books from him.

Reading these books made us more curious to know more about his traveling experiences. And there is nothing better than an Author Interview to get the curiosity satisfied. We have already talked about his experience of Kumbh Mela 2019 in the following mini-interview.

Anuj Tikku- On His Way To Antarctica

Anuj Tikku- On His Way To Antarctica

So, this time we’ve focused on his book Antarctica Diaries (yes, he got updated the book title and corrected it). Here is the Q/A session with him.

If there is one thing you are asked to share about your trip to Antarctica, what it would be?

I guess it would be the iceberg and the penguins and the great photography I did during my trip.

How do you cop up with the change in Time Zones? As our body clock follows a specific routine. And, a change in the same requires some time to adjust with.

Well, we got some tablets when the sea would get choppy and rough. The time zone was not much of an issue as I am used to irregular patterns of sleep and no specific routine.

Please share something about the first hand experience of traveling via Sea.

I had travelled by sea as a kid, but this was a luxury cruise as we were all well taken care of, and made to feel like royalty. There were music, salsa dancing and food for the kings all served to as and when wanted it.

What is seasickness and how you’ve found a way (or ways) to cop-up with it?

It happens when the sea becomes rough and choppy especially at night. In my room, the table began to tremble and even a few plates fell on the floor. But I just lay on my bed and did some deep breathing and it all went away in the morning.

As you’ve mentioned in “Antarctica Diaries”, visiting Antarctica is challenging physically, mentally and even economically. Can you share more on all these three aspects?

Well, the trip cost 9 lakhs, that’s expensive, but I had made some money in the stock market, so that’s where I managed to scrape some cash. The landing on the island and the snow walks can be tiresome as the temperature is below zero and the air is thin. The seasickness can also get to you at times.

As it costs you a lot of money, do you find the visit is worth it? Is it an experience of a lifetime?

Yes indeed if you can afford it once in a lifetime you must do it.

You’ve written an interesting chapter about Wildlife in Antarctica. It reassures the fact that the nature wants the life to survive and thus it gives all the options to the species to adapt to the circumstances. What is something unique you found in the wildlife of Antarctica that mesmerized you.

The fat furry seals were my favourite as I found they were always struggling to move with such unproportionate bodies.

The chapters about Dolphins and Penguins are quite interesting. Reading those chapters give an impression of reading an encyclopedia article while witnessing photographs of the species. Do you think in order to milk natural resources, we the humans sometimes cross the limits, which makes such species disappear in the long run? What do you think, how can we make our generation and more importantly, future generation respect the nature?

Yes, we do.

But Antarctica is very protected that way, we had to keep a distance from all living things, we wore special boots so that wee did not soil the icy shores. There were shacks and a bar on one of the shore and a lot of huge oil tankers.

Antarctica is a hot spot for whaling and is also a source of oil, the destruction of the natural flora and fauna has been caused by these industries.

As you travel through various countries, the currency kept changing. Is USD accepted everywhere? What advice will you give to the people who want to travel to Antarctica in terms of having money available with them safely and securely? Are Credit cards the best solution? Does currency conversion rates apply for all the transactions? The more you can tell will help people being prepared for such trips.

Well, I carried a travel card which had currency rates pegged to the dollar (USD) and that’s how I made my payments. I also had some dollars in cash that one could easily convert at any airport, either in Brazil or Argentina.

Please share some unique photographs and videos (youtube links are fine) from your tour with your comments. The reason I am asking for this is sometimes despite our wish we often need to edit out some stuff from the book due to various reasons, but we actually want it to share with the readers.

Sure, here are two videos, which are available on my YouTube channel also.

[Anuj Tikku’s Antarctica Diaries : Part 1]

[Anuj Tikku’s Antarctica Diaries : Part 2]

Here are some of the images from my Antarctica visit, you can find more on my website:

Anuj Tikku | Antarctica Diaries | Morning Glory

Anuj Tikku | Antarctica Diaries | Morning Glory

Anuj Tikku | Antarctica Diaries | Birds

Anuj Tikku | Antarctica Diaries | Birds

Anuj Tikku | Antarctica Diaries | Penguins

Anuj Tikku | Antarctica Diaries | Penguins

Anuj Tikku | Antarctica Diaries | WildLife

Anuj Tikku | Antarctica Diaries | WildLife

Do you think that visiting such extreme places make people understand the value of life? Are these experiences soothing to the soul?

Yes it does Antarctica gives you a lot of energy from the land and it is so barren and clam at times it is almost like doing a spiritual experience.

Please tell a few words about the fellow blogger whose articles you have included in the book.

Kavita Kumble and I meet on the trip and became friends, I encouraged her to write for my blog and finally, her writings were included in my book.

Please share yout message to the readers

Be Good, Love Life and keep Seeking.

Wow, it is philosophical and full of wisdom. It also brings cheerfulness and asks one to enjoy the life as it is coming. You can reach him at:

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Over To You:

Hope you have enjoyed the Q/A session with him. And many of your questions might be already answered. Let us know that what do you think about this Interview session? Do you want us to ask anything else to him on your behalf? Do let us know. Also, let us know which other authors you like us to interview? Do let us know your thoughts and remarks via comments below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends over various social networks via Twitter, Facebook and others. And yes, you may like to subscribe to our RSS feeds and follow us on various Social networks to get latest updates for the site to land right in your mail box.

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