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Yeh! Hai INDIA: I Love My India By Anuj Tikku | Book Review

Yeh! Hai INDIA: I Love My India By Anuj Tikku | Book Cover

India (that is Bharat) is an incredible country. You can find diversity in almost all the aspects here; be it about landmarks, culture, cuisine, wildlife, people, caste, religion,…, the list is longer than anyone can imagine. The tapestry of all these diversities is weaved so fantastically that it is known for its unity. The population and geography of many Indian ... Read More »

Anuj Tikku | Talking About His Book Antarctica Diaries

Anuj Tikku- On His Way To Antarctica

Anuj Tikku is a popular travel blogger from India. Recently, he has started consolidating his blog posts and experiences about various travels and compiling them in the form of a book. In a matter of short period, he came up with around 8 books! Of course, years of traveling and blogging is behind it. We have built a comparatively good ... Read More »