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An Interesting Author Interview with Anuj Tikku

Hi Friends,

Allow me to introduce Anuj Tikku. He is a professional blogger who writes a travelogue. His blog is quite popular in its category. Anuj experienced hits and misses of the life personally and there came a time when he was almost broke down. Though, with his never-say-die spirit, he rose back is doing fairly well now.

Anuj Tikku - The Blogger and Author of Survival and Blogging For Gold

Anuj Tikku – The Blogger and Author of Survival and Blogging For Gold

He believes that the tough situations should be converted into opportunities by the recipient.

Recently we got a chance to read his book Survival which is a compilation of various articles he wrote over the period of time. All these articles are somehow related to his personal experiences and the lessons he learnt from them. You can read our detailed yet spoiler-free review for the same at:

And that made us go for reading his another book “Blogging for Gold” which is aimed for newbie bloggers.

The books made us curious to know more about Anuj and what could have been a better option than an author interview. Fortunately, the things worked out in a positive manner and we were able to have a Q/A session with.

We are glad to have a conversation with you. As your book has started getting both commercial success and critical acclaim gradually. Can you share your feelings?

I am in a very happy state that the book is doing well. For me, it was a sort of catharsis and the best way to get over my father’s tragic murder. I was able to process all the knowledge about philosophy, religion, and spirituality that I had read and practiced over time. I wanted to package this knowledge in a book that would help others overcome their hurdles and pain in life and with the response of my readers it has been a great success

It is a kind of cliché question, obviously, you are feeling joyous, accomplished and happy, but, each time we are able to follow our passions the way we want to, we feel, inching more towards completeness. Do you think so?

There is no other way to live but to do what your heart tells you to do and I have always pursued my passions and enjoyed the life that way. I have been fortunate also to have the material means at my disposal to follow my passion, in that way God has been kind to me .i want to help others achieve their dreams and find their talents and sweet spots in life to my goal is to preach to others that they can also walk the path I have walked and found their peace.

Can you tell us more about yourself, your background, your profession, and your passions?

I am 44 years old I have an electrical and electronics degree from the University of Manchester and an MBA degree from IMT Ghaziabad. I worked in the corporate sector for 10 years and then pursued my Bollywood dreams I have acted in over 35 films with guys like Shah Rukh Khan, John Abraham, Imran Hashmi, Sanjay Dutt, and many other stars. I am the only child of my parents my father Mr. A K Tikku was brutally murdered seven years back.

I left Bollywood and started traveling to escape the loneliness. That is where I started my travel blog www.tikkustravelthon.in and have been traveling the world as a digital nomad I have traveled to over 40 countries, including Antarctica. Along with Survival, I have also authored another book called Blogging for Gold. I am single and currently reside in Delhi.

Can you share, if you can, about the incident which changed the path of your life.

Well, I was acting in Mumbai and was enjoying my self getting some good work in ads and films. A few people befriended me on the pretext of grabbing my flat. I use to live in Lokhandwala then and they murdered my father because they wanted to grab my property. It was national news and a tragedy that changed the course of my life. Today I wander the world from city to city country to country awakening and enlightening others with my experience and learnings

Do you believe that if one door is closed, at least one more is opened in terms of opportunity for us?

Always if one path closes others will open until you are dead and buried, you can always in and bounce back. I take my example I was in the police station being interrogated by the commissioner of police along with a serial killer and today I am walking on the ice of Antarctica chasing baby penguins and playing with seals.

Its all a dream, life is nothing but dreams within dreams, don’t try and make sense of life otherwise you will go mad, just live life, believe me, life has no sense it is nonsense. Today you are up tomorrow you are down today you are married tomorrow you are single, today you are young tomorrow you are old. Life is transient, it’s passing like the clouds nothing is what it seems, so shut the mind, the theology pack away your morals and judgments just live life.

You run one of the popular Travelogues, can you share details about it?

My blog is called www.tikkustravelthon.in and it’s a travel blog which showcases my journey around the world. I have five sections in it.

  • Survival on motivation and religion
  • Travelthon Tales about the stories of people and encounters I have on my travels
  • Travel Bawarchi which is about food and cosines around the world
  • Mehman which is where guest travellers share their journeys with me
  • Lastly you have Blogging for Gold that teaches other bloggers about the art and technology behind blogging
Do you manage it alone or do you have a team?

I head a team of sea and web specialist and also use freelance content writers we are a team of around 6 people.

Of course, your love for traveling or rather we say exploring and expediating could be one of the reasons for you to choose the “travel blogging genre”, but, was there anything else also who drove you to go for it?

No, it was only my love of traveling and writing that pulled me to blogging.T he more I did it the more I enjoyed it

Can you share what made you write Survival and what are the major challenges you faced when writing this book?

As I said I wanted to help people overcome their painful experiences through my traumatic experience and the book was Born through that need of mine. The book was written a series of articles over a period of a year or so and then transformed for my readers.

Can you share what made you write “Blogging for Gold”  and what are the major challenges you faced when writing this book?

Blogging for Gold is the definitive guide to blogging and is meant to teach amateur bloggers the art of blogging. I studied and read a lot of technology-based information and used my own direct blogging experience to share some tips for up and coming bloggers.

What are the USPs of Survival and “Blogging for Gold” according to you?

Survival is about overcoming pain and setback it is a rebuilding story and is. motivational in its tone.

Survival by Anuj Tikku | Book Cover

Survival by Anuj Tikku | Book Cover

Blogging for Gold is an A TO Z of blogging it is a guidebook for new bloggers on how to start a blog create content that is valuable and then monetize your blog.

Who are your favorite authors whom you love to read?
Which are the book(s) you are reading currently?

Front Page Murders which is based on the murder of my father. David and Goliath.

What are your hobbies apart from traveling and writing?

I love to swim and scuba dive. I am a professional scuba diver. I also enjoy photography and video editing.

What is your opinion about EBook readers and their impact on the generation overall?

I like the new technology and like the ease with which you can buy and access an E-Book.

What are your opinions about various social networks and the way it can be used to spread awareness about some important cause around the globe?

Great I am a social media evangelist it is weapon one can use to create change and that is exactly what I want to use it as. I want it to change society and spread my philosophy to the world

Please share some time management tips which you are using in your writing regime.

I am very disciplined in my writing and write 2000 words a day nonstop. Other than that I let my creativity flow

Do you think that we are gradually losing the tradition of hearing “moral and ethical stories from grandparents”?

Morality is a sham and I am against it. It is a concept whose time has gone, it ties us into right and wrong, do this don’t do that. The reality is esoteric and not dived into wrong and right there is no wrong and right.Y our way is your way and that’s the right way.

Please share your Social Media/web presence/EMail address, so that readers and fans can follow/contact you.

You can see my social media handles when you goto my blog.

Please share anything you want to convey to the readers from your end.

Well, keep the faith if you are going through a bad phase rest assure the good phase is around the corner don’t try to reason with life, just live it. There are no answers because all answers are irrelevant and so are all the questions.

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Hope you have enjoyed the Q/A session with him. And many of your questions might be already answered. Let us know that what do you think about this Interview session? Do you want us to ask anything else to him on your behalf? Do let us know. Also, let us know which other authors you like us to interview? Do let us know your thoughts and remarks via comments below. Do not forget to share this article with your friends over various social networks via Twitter, Facebook and others. And yes, you may like to subscribe to our RSS feeds and follow us on various Social networks to get latest updates for the site to land right in your mail box.

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