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Music piece(s) and their (could be) inspiration source(s) | ITWofs | Website Views and Reviews

It is often told that, the world is round, so you will be able to connect one thing to the another if not always then most often. Same happens to the music. It is one of the great treasure humans have. (Scientists discovered that birds, animals and even trees love the music.) People like melodies, slow, fast, jazz, rock n roll, and … aha all kind of music. Sometimes when you hear a song, or the music piece it gives you the feeling of deja vu.

Some call it inspiration, some call it plagiarism, and it could be none of these but unintentional, unknown, platonic links between the similar songs/music pieces. Let’s forget about the debate, but it is great to know about the links between two famous songs, or music pieces. If you are not a music buff, but like to hear the music; then also you will be delighted by visiting the website http://www.itwofs.com

A genuine, honest approach to find the similar pieces of the music for the famous Indian songs (mostly).

For Hindi music, the work from the following musicians is analyzed:

Anu Malik
Anand Milind
Anand Raaj Anand
Bappi Lahiri
Jatin Lalit
Kalyanji Anandji
Laxmikant Pyarelal
Nadeem Shravan
OP Nayyar
Pritam Chakravarty
Rajesh Roshan
RD Burman
Salil Chaudhry
SD Burman
Sandeep Chowta
Sanjeev Darshan
Shankar Jaikishen

For Tamil music, the following musician’s work is covered.
A R Rahman
Yuvan S. Raja
Tamil – others

In addition one segment titled “assorted” is also there, which covers

Advertisement jingle lifts

The best thing about is, a brief summary with each song comparison is mentioned and a brief segment of music work from the song/jingle discussed and the original piece from where it could have been inspired are placed, so you can listen to both the pieces and read information about the same. The site gets updated on regular bases, so every time you visit, you may find one (or more) new music piece and its similar source.

The site owner have heart for the music and from the large amount of songs/jingles/tunes analyzed on the site, we can say the site owner have passion for the music. you can imagine, the time/resources and the basic music sense one need to have, to analyze such  huge volume of music pieces.
The site is definitely worth a visit for the music lover.

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