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Adobe announce “No Flash Player Support” for Android 4.0 devices | Tech News

Adobe recently announce something which is important for the web users, especially those who access the sites from the mobile phones; and of course the webmasters. Related reading for you: Google Play Turned 1 Year | Tech News Android Wear | Keep Yourself Attached To Technology | Google Ventures Google aquires Motorola Mobility in a huge deal | News Google ... Read More »

How will your website appear on a mobile device? | Opera Mobile Emulator

Opera Mobile Emulator Installation Wizard Step 1

Ever wondered that how your website will look in a mobile device or how to check your website’s appearance in a mobile device? Well, everyone knows the simplest answer, just open it from a mobile phone! Related reading for you: Adobe announce “No Flash Player Support” for Android 4.0 devices | Tech News Nano Ganesh | Mobile App to control ... Read More »

ClassTeacher.com | ELearning and Telelearning Experience | Website Reviews

Education must be available and affordable to masses and provide the quality knowledge too. The main of any education system is sharpen the skills of a learner and let his/her knowledge got the right path. Related reading for you: Video lecture website Khan Academy Views And Reviews Reviewing academia.edu | An Education Oriented Website Watch it and learn it | ... Read More »

redditgifts.com is acquired by reddit.com | News

In continuity of the news of acqusition, we would like to inform you that reddit.com have acquired redditgifts.com. Related reading for you: Skype is on the way to acquire Groupme.com | News Zave Networks has been acquired by Google | News Priceline acquired Kayak | Tech News Whatsapp Acquired By Facebook | Will It Affect Google? Read More »

Reviewing FreeVideoLectures.com | Educational Videos Website

In our series of Educational video lectures related websites, which are acting like a boon to the students and enthusiasts living in any corner of the world having a good speed Internet connection, by making the ocean of the resources available to them on the fingertips; we are taking look at http://freevideolectures.com/. The site claims 800+ online courses, 19000+ videos ... Read More »

Google What Do You Love aka WDYL – MashUp By Google | Informative Review

It came to a few people’s attention that “What Do You Love” which was originally hosted at http://www.google.com/whatdoyoulove/ have got a home at http://www.wdyl.com/; because Google launched it silently. Related reading for you: Search Real Estate And Housing | Google Search Tips And Tricks Fill In The Blanks Using Google | Google Search Tips And Tricks Search within a site ... Read More »