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Gutenberg.Org | A Website Book Lovers Should Not Miss Visiting

There are definitely perks of being a book lover :). It opens the treasure of knowledge, wit and wisdom to you and at the same time asks your brain to imagine various stuff. That is why it is said that “reading is to mind, what exercise is to body”.

Technology made a lot of stuff easier and affordable for us and one of the good things we got as the result is, the electronic version of a book. Now a days you can find E-version of almost all books and magazines which are worth reading.

Apart from conventional storage devices like CD, Hard Disk, External Hard Disk, DVD, Blu-Ray Disk and others, you got few more smart options. They include SmartPhones, E-Book Readers, Tablets, and above all the Cloud Storage.
So now you have better version of literature and better way to possess it, are handy to you. But what about the actual stuff? The books and magazines, of course. Different books are available in different format (which works on specific device, it is intended to) at different cost.

To come to the rescue to the scenario, there comes the copy-right free E-books which are legally available for FREE!

The only stuff remains to work on is to find the better place to search for authentic books which are worth reading. There are various website provide Free E-book links. But remember all of them are not genuine and legitimate. You can, without a doubt, turn to Project Gutenberg – http://www.gutengerg.org to find great books available for free, legitimately.

Named after Johannes Gutenberg, the man whose invention played vital role in making available the modern printing technology, this website is definitely worth visiting.

At this point of time Project Gutenberg offers more than 45,000 E-books for FREE! And along with partner, affiliates and resources it offers more than 1,00,000 E-Books for free!

Most of the E-books are available in all or some of the following formats.

  • Plain Text
  • HTML (with and without images)
  • PDF (with and without images)
  • EPUB (with and without images)
  • Kindle
  • Audiobook

So whatever is your preferred reading device, you are sure to find a version for the same.

In addition it is a open-contribution project, so new books are adding on regular bases. Even the issues regarding Copyright and other legal stuff are raised by people from around the world and can be resolved by this open system pretty well. And you can contribute to the project by even translating, reading (audio recording), typing simply single page a day or even donating some money to it.

The site is almost clutter free and have quite simple and straight forward layout. It is not visually appealing but provide you what you need quite easily. The search feature is good and it let you search through author/book titles pretty easily. The books are available for free to download even as various CD/DVD projects. These CD/DVDs are available to download via http, ftp, torrent and other ways! And if you do not possess high speed Internet connection, you can request them and they send the CD/DVD via mail for Free to your physical address (needless to say, the request should be genuine)!

In addition they let you create your own catalog/CD/DVD. So, for example, if you love books by Jules Verne, Artur Conan Doyle, Leo Tolstoy and William Shakespeare, you can search for them and add to your custom project! Interesting and helpful right?

It also offers a Self Publishing Portal to the contemporary authors as well.

Search doesn’t let you filter the books language or format wise by default. It is essential for several readers. The CD/DVD projects are quite old as well.

The books are free in United States, you need to check whether it is free in your country (as per the laws of copyright or otherwise).

Overall a very good website for book lovers to find free books legitimately, for sure.

What do you think about Project Gutenberg? Did you read (or going to read) any books from there? Do share your thoughts and views via comments below. And yes, do not forget to share this article and spread information about Project Gutenberg to your friends via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

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