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A real hero missed an interview but saved a life | News

When surfing the Internet today, I came to know about one more real life hero and felt not to let him unsung. The reason is the belief of mine that these are the real people who make the society a better place to live. These are the people prove that world is still a better place and there are real ... Read More »

Honest People | Real Life Heroes | News

In past we have gladly covered some incidents like Honest Rickshaw Driver In India, and of course many such incidents in the reviews of Reader’s Digest India. We strongly believed that the people with quality are the real heroes ad they are the ones who makes the society the better place to live. They and their quality should be brought ... Read More »

N R Narayan Murty At Yale University | Words of Wisdom and Inspiration

Infosys is the second largest IT company in India (fact based on several reports). The company started before around 3 decades with the capital of INR 10000 (that is around USD 250). Its overwhelming success story is based on hard work, determination, vision and nobility. The then CEO of the company Mr. N. R. Narayan Murty (now the Chief Mentor) ... Read More »

Udaan : The flight Continues … | Hindi TV Serial on DVD views and reviews

It has been a little longer time lapse we discussed the journey of Kalyani Singh. So lets get more glimpses of the interesting and inspirational journey. Now as BrijMohan singh’s land is sold to a smuggler HarDayal Singh, by Thakur PitambarSingh (BrijMohan’s father) and Banvari (BrijMohan’s younger brother), and captured by the new owner. He have no place to live ... Read More »