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The fear of the future |Tehkikaat Hindi TV serial on DVD views and reviews

There has been a significant amount of time passed since we last met, the detective Mr. Sam D’silva and his junior Mr. Gopichand. Now they are telling that there the time for our next meeting, and based on the relations we have, I cannot afford them to feel ignored by me. Fun apart, lets talk the second case in their journey “The fear of the future”.

One person shown, driving the car fast, he refused to stop even at police checkpost and reach to his home. When looking to himself he found that the blood is running flowlessly from the wound in his chest. Before he could come out from the car he got dead on the steering wheel of the car. The pressure of his body weight blows the horn. Later revealed that the youth dead was Dinesh Oberoi son of one of the wealthy businessman Mr. Oberoi (played by Sudhir Pandey). By hearing the continious sound of horn, Mr. oberoi comes to the gallery and called the watchman, in the meantime the watchman reaches to the car and found his younger master is dead.

Sam and Gopi were found in the Leopold cafe. They were watching the arm-wrestling between two well-built fellows. Gopi told that the person with white tee will won, whether Sam is firm on his thought that the person with green tee will took the game with him. Gopi tells that the man with white tee have stronger arms but Sam told that the mind plays a vital role in the result of a fight. The eyes of the green tee guy tells that he is trying harder to win and he will not give up. Anyway, they found two people entering the cafe, they were Mr. Oberoi and his younger son Rakesh (played by another nice actor, Harsh Chhaya). We got to know that they were waiting for these two fellows. Actually Mr. Oberoi are desperate to know the truth behind his son’s death. As his son was stabbed by someone, and as police is doing the investigation, he wanted meet Sam secretly and ask him to investigate the matter. He doesn’t want anyone to know that Sam is investigating the case. Mr. Oberoi was little unhappy to meet them at the cafe, as he wanted to meet somewhere alone, but Sam assures him that the crowd provides private place and no one is overhearing there or even notice about them. When they were talking about the murderer, Rakesh asked that, they will not be able to find the murderer anyway, because there is no motive he see about the murder. About asking for any business or personal rivalry, Dinesh or Mr. Oberoi have with anyone, or anyone Mr Oberoi is having shadow of the doubt for; Mr. Oberoi told he is having no such person in mind. Then being asked for the friends of Dinesh, Mr. Oberoi told that Dinesh lost touch of most of his friends, since he is engaged with a girl named Rashmi. Actually their merriage is scheduled after 15 days. Mr. Oberoi also mentioned that the girl’s family is not rich like him, but he don’t believe in economic differences. After Mr. Oberoi and his son left, Gopi told Sam that the case is very straight. Rakesh, the younger son of Mr. Oberoi is now the only reciever of his inheritance. That is the reason he is not in favor of the investigation. To gain the whole inheritance from Mr Oberoi he  commit the murder. Sam advices Gopi, that, don’t say “he is murderer”, say “he could be the murderer”!

Sam and Gopi decides to meet the girl, Rashmi Kulkarni.

At Rashmi’s home they found, they were six people in the family Rashmi’s father, mother, she herself, two younger sisters and the youngest brother. During their talks Rashmi behave strangely, she started crying when laughing, started laughing when crying. She reveals that Dinesh was really a happy-go-lucky guy and in his company they enjoyed a lot. The life was joyous when he was around. When asked about Rakesh, not only Rashmi but her mother also told that they found him very genuine. He used to come their home ocassionally, with Dinesh, and sometimes the trio (Dinesh, Rashmi and Rakesh) went together for outing. Rashmi’s father told, might her daughter is not blessed with marital joys, she is Mangalik (an astrological condition, which is considered fatal for the possessor, it is believed, that both the spouse either should be Mangalik or both of them should not. If any one of them is Mangalik and other is not, it is dangerous for the spouse), and Dinesh wasn’t. After talking to Rashmi a few things privately Sam and Gopi left Rashmi’s home. When they were in the porch towards the stairs, Sam heard some discussion from the fellow neighbor’s or Mr. Kulkarni’s family and he stopped there to overhear the conversation acting to tie his shoe lace. It is revealed from the discussion that Rashmi was engaged once prior also, with Ashish Chopra. He was also found dead at Green Park before 15 days of their marriage. He committed suicide. On the way, Sam told the same to Gopi.

To know more about the Chopra incident, they decided to meet inspector Bheende, the investigation in-charge of that case. Bheende slept very late after a busy day which made him dead tired, refused to remember any details at the time and asked them to come tomorrow to know more. Sam however wakes him up and asked the case details. Inspector told it was the suicide case. When Sam asked how does he know it was a suicide. Inspector told there were the circumstance made him to belive so. Sam asked that it could be a murder, as someone could have push the victim from behind. Inspector agree the possibility.

They meet Mr. Oberoi at his home, near the swimming pull, where his younger son Rakesh was swimming and overhearing their conversation. Sam told Mr. Oberoi that, did he know that, Rashmi was engaged once before also. Mr. Oberoi refused to have any such knowledge. Sam then told him the detail and asked if he know that one day of death if Dinesh went to meet someone. Mr. Oberoi told that yes he gone to met Rashmi. To where? Mr. Oberoi tried to remember, Sam gave him the clues, park? Red Park? Yello park?… it must be Green park? Mr. Oberoi affirms and asked in return how does he know? Sam told that Ashish Chopra was also found dead at the same place, before 15 days of his marriage with Rashmi. Mr. Oberoi then asked that then Rashmi is the murdered who grabs youth into her love trap and set him for the death. Gopi also affirms Rashmi’s strange behavior, but Sam asked Mr. Oberoi to not jump to the conclusion.

Sam and Gopi than follows Rashmi for days and found that she moves from one place to the other without any motive. Might be she is not in her.

We see then, Rashmi was in the library where she was working. When one of her colleague girl shows the sympathy to her, about her loss, she behave rudely. Then she got a call from Mr. Mehta, her boss. In the boss’ cabin, when they were doing conversation it is revealed that her boss lover her and wants to offer her, his support. She asked her boss Mr. Mehta that whoever comes near her, found dead, so be careful. On the boss’ proposal, they decided to meet to a cafe. On the other end, at her home, her father got worried about her, as she got late. In the cafe Mr. Mehta (played by Parmeet Sethi), revealed that, he is loving her since long. But when she got engaged with Mr. Chopra, he buried his feelings inside. Then Mr. Chopra was dead, and he thought, destiny wants him to get united with Rashmi. But at the time, Rashmi befriends with Dinesh and again his heart broke. But now its time for him, to reveal his feelings. He proposed Rashmi to get married to him.

Now the things getting clumsier. There are a lot of suspects:
1. Rashmi herself
2. Mr. Mehta (who was in -one-sided- love with her before her first engagement)
3. Rakesh, younger bother of Dinesh, who is now the sole beneficiery of his father’s wealth.

Who is the killer? Will Sam and Gopi be able to solve the mystery? How? Well, you have to watch it to know it.

Acting of prime cast is awesome. Vijay Anand and Saurabh Shukla are great as usual. Sudhir pandey and Harsh Chhaya are very good. The person played Inspector bhinde (or Inspector Bheende) was very good. Parmeet Sethi was emerging, he is much better now. The girl played Rashmi tried well. The actor played Mr. Kulkarni was nice. other cast does its part well. The DVD quality is better. Story by Karan Razdan and direction by Karan Razdan with Shekhar Kapoor are plus points. Priya Tendulkar contributed with the title song.

One thing I noticed is in almost all episodes Sam used dark red Maruti wan (Omni), but in this episode, he was driving one white car, may be Fiat.

On the whole it was a delight to watch this episode.

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