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King Roopsen and his bodyguard Virvar | Vikram Aur Betal | TV Serial On DVD | Views Reviews

AS Vikram answered the question, Betal got back to his place and Samrat Vikramaditya have to get him back again with the same struggle he made in the first attempt. Again on the way to the Yogi’s place, Vetal (Betal) started telling another story in order to pass the time their way back.

It is the story of  “King Roopsen and his bodyguard Virvar”.

Once upon a time there was a person with athletic and well-built body named Virvar [played by: Dara Singh] living in a village. He used to do a lot of exercise daily and he was a well trained fighter. Once he is asked by his family that he is paying so much time and wealth to learn the fighting skills and keep his body toned, what is the benefit of the same. Virval then told them that he will go to King’s palace will ask him to let him join his service. It will in turn make them wealthy.

He goes to meet the king Roopsen [played by: Vijay Kavish] and offered him his services, by demonstrating his skills. Impressed by Virvar’s skills King Roppsen have decided to keep him as his bodyguard. Though Virvar have demanded a remarkably high salary, king concluded that he deserved it. After joining the job, Virvar was started doing all his duties with all the positive efforts. Round the clock he kept himself alert and let the king be secured.

One night when the king was taking his sleep, Virvar heard cry of the lady. He was trying to find out who is crying at this late in the night, Roopsen also awakened. He asked Virvar to go out to check who is having what problem. After Virvar left, king Roopsen also followed him. Virvar found the crying lady [played by: Madhu Kapoor], and asked her that who is she and why she is crying. The lady asked that she is RajLaxmi (national wealth) and she is crying because sooner the kingdom will be destroyed, and she have to run away from there. Virvar asked her the reason for the destruction of the kingdom. RajLaxmi replied that there is a KalDevata living at far end of the kingdom, he got very hungry and hence very angry. He will destroy the kingdom sooner. As Roopsen is very kind, brave and genuine king, she feel bad about leaving his kingdom.

Virvar tells RajLaxmi that he is the bodyguard of King Roopsen, and it is his duty to keep Roopsen safe. He himself will goto meet KalDevata and offer himself and his family to satisfy his hunger and leave the king Roopsen and the kingdom intact. Betal tells Vikram, in the country where countrymen have such high respect for the country, no one can harm the country by any means. Very true! Virvar goes to his home, brings his wife and son with him and goes to the cave of KalDevta. The king who followed Virvar, got to know this.and he expressed his feelings as “As the king it is my responsibility to take every care of my kingdom and all the citizens of the same.” I cannot be selfish to let any citizen sacrifice for me”. He also gone to the cave of the KalDevta to sacrifice himself in order to save kingdom.

Now Vetal (Betal) asks Vikram that both of the main characters of the tale Virvar and Roopsen did great sacrifice. But whose sacrifies is greater from both?

Well what you think? You may crosscheck when you watch the TV Serial episode personally.

Dara Singh acted with his usual skills and found natural. Vijay Kavish tried well but not as natural. The special effects may look childish now, but based on the technological and budget limitation at that time we may ignore it for the content. The resolution is not as good as expected.

Final Verdict:
Anyway, when good moral is there to convey, you may like to avoid the negative points. Children will love it more.

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