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Human Nature and Akbar Birbal TV Serial

Jealousy, considered as one of the worst quality in a human, unfortunately is found everywhere. You must have heard or read that when the person happy with his/her own achievement find someone who achieved more than him/her, all his joy gets vaporized and he sunk deep into the sorrows. Some companies like Onida uses it as the slogan “Neighbor’s envy owners pride”, to sell their products by taking advantage of this human nature.

You might have also heard the story about two friends (or two brothers) living next to each other. One day, as a result of some work one of them did (or the service they provide to some divine fellow, an angel or a fairy) they are blessed with the three boons. He can ask for any three things and the same will be provided to them immediately, however there was a catch. Whatever he get, his neighbor with get twofold of the same thing. So if he ask for a home 2BHK, he will get it, but his neighbor will get the same of 4BHK. If he wish a car, his neighbor will get 2 cars…and so on.

The person being happy with the boons he got and asked for the things he was needed desperately, not only to live the normal life but to enjoy the best luxuries one can have. After using two of the boons he realized that whatever he achieved, the double of the same is achieved by his neighbor. And he lost all his happiness and got jealous of his neighbor. Instead of enjoying his luxurious life, he was sadly thinking always about the luxury, his neighbor was enjoying.

He had one boon left with him though. What he could have asked for is anything good for him, but he asked for getting himself blind with one eye, with the hope that it will be resulted into – his neighbor will be blind with both the eyes. This is human nature, if not all, most people encountered with same kind of feeling of jealousy about someone else’ success or achievement; at least in some phase of his/her life.

So how can the people from the Akbar’s court remain an exception. As Birbal was getting famous with his wit and wisdom, the emperor started admiring him more and they became friends like. And that is something envied by the others. Some people who started considering Birbal, his rival, without any reason of course, were “Mulla Do Pyaza”, “Begum Shahbano” and her brother “Fanne Khan” and many others. In all the stories coming up next, the reference and proofs for the same are found. Even the traps are planned by them all, to land Birbal in the situation which he cannot escape from, or to loose his place, fame and pride.

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