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Somprabha And Her Three Suitors | Vikram aur Betaal | TV Serial on DVD Views and Reviews

Again, as Vikram spoke, to answer the question of Betaal, he escaped from Vikram’s custody. Though Vikram followed him and fought him deadly to take back in his custody and again they started for the Yogi’s place. On the way, Betaal praised Vikram for his bravery, intelligence and analytical skills. To kill the time, he started telling a new story to Vikram.

It was the story of “Somprabha and her three suitors”.

Once upon a time, there was a wealthy man named Hariswami lived somewhere in ancient India (the character played by Ramesh Bhatkar). He was the ambassador to his king and was the favorite most courtier too. It was the time when the devils were on his power and used to disturb the life of people by their terror acts.

The ambassador lived happily with his wife (played by : Radha Yadav), son (played by: Dharmesh Tiwari) and daughter named Somprabha (played by Kajal Kiran). Somprabha was very intelligent girl, she was expert in various arts including dancing. Once the family have had good time and they were sharing joys, after Somprabha’s dancing session was over; they got into discussion about Somprabha’s marriage. The father have asked his girl Somprabha, that what kind of husband she is looking for. Somprabha told that the groom should be expert in some art, bravery or in any means he should be different that others. One devil (played by : Mulraj Rajda) was overhearing the talks. He came to their window and asked that, the family should not have to worry to find the suitor for Somprabha, he likes her very much and will took her with him and marry her. The family got terrorized, the brother tried following the devil and hurt him, but the devil could not have overpowered.

They got into worry for Somprabha and entire families safety. Once, the ambassador needed to go to the other kingdom to convey his king’s message and to present some valuable gems and other gifts to the king of the another kingdom. As an ambassador he often needed to do such works. When he was passing a jungle to go to the another kingdom, escorted by his servants and guards, he was attacked by decoits. He was about to be killed by the decoit leader, at the same time, a brave warrior (played by: Sunil Lahari) who watch this attack came to his rescue and saved the ambassador and his people, along with the valuables. The ambassador was impressed by the brave warrior and he asked him his whereabouts. The warrior revealed that his name is Vir (often pronounced as Veer). The ambassador offered him his daughter’s hand and called him on a certain day to his home to marry her.

At the same time, a young poet Anuragi (played by : Vijay Arora) came to his home and met his wife. The poet asked about Somprabha and told the ambassador’s wife that he was impressed with Somprabha’s beauty when he saw her first, and wrote a poetry about her. He wanted to present her the manuscript of the same, personally. The lady thought Anuragi will take care of her daughter and she will be happy with her and hence him his introduction and asked that she will come to meet his father with Somprabha’s marriage proposal. She finalized their marriage and call him on the same day when Hariswami called Vir (of course without awareness of this incident).

At the same time, when passing through the streets, Somprabha’s brother found a Shilpi (who create Sculptures and various machines); working on some fine looking device. He asked him, what it is, the Shilpi called him in, and started the device, it was a plane. Both of them flew in the plane for long and impressed by Shilpi’s art he proposed him, is sister Somprabha. He invited him to their home, coincidently at the same time when both Vir and Anuragi were invited, to marry Somprabha.

When they three all met, they got to know what each other have done. And now they have had a discussion that who is the best suitor for Somprabha amongst these three and the discussion completed without any conclusion as each of the suitors was best at the quality possessed by himself. They then decided to wait for the marriage day and let the destiny and Somprabha take the final decission.

On the final day, when all of three were coming to Somprabha’s home with their friends to enjoy the wedding ceremony, there was the fourth one, that devil, who was also on his way to capture Somprabha. And he took her with him, when all of the suitors heard Somprabha’s cries for help, they decided to help and and bring her back home safely as the priority task. They took several heavy stones and other weapons and with the help of Shilpi’s plane, followd the devil. Vir fought bravely and killed the giant devil with the help of Anuragi and Shilpi and bring her back to home.

So now here is the dilemma, who is the perfect groom for Somprabha. Without the wit of Anuragi, or without the the flying plane of Shilpi or without the bravery of Vir, Somprabha could not have been rescued. All played equally important role in mission “Rescue Somprabha”, then who is better amongst them?

Well, I will not reveal the answer. Might Betaal and Vikram both escape in such case 🙂

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