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Tehkikaat | TV Serial | Next Episode on DVD views and reviews

The car heading towards Goa, from Bombay (Mumbai now), had to stop because of a road closed interruption. The lady in the black and her driver in white comes out to inquire about the reason. The police inspector on duty there, asked that the road is closed. And they cannot go ahead. They need to turn around from that very place. As if they go ahead, there is not even a place to U-turn the car. The inspector then asked them go back and after some distance, they can turn towards a rough road, and they can head to a hotel. That is the only nearest place where they can stay during the night. The nearest hotel is miles away from there. In the morning when the road was clear they can continue the journey. The inspector then requested the lady to took off the heavy jewellery as someone can attack her, in order to rob her, after all its jungle. When she was putting the jewellery in her suitcase, we got to know it was full of money. The lady thought, it was better if she didn’t bring this much money with her. Anyway, what can be done now?

When the lady (Neelima Azim?) and her driver reached the hotel mentioned by the police officer, the manager of the hotel, Mr. Gomez welcomed her and asked that as there are other visitors also came for the night, he got to know that the road is blocked. By luck, there is one last room is vacant, so the lady could stay there. She asked about her driver’s stay, the driver asked that he will manage himself in the car, and the lady should not worry as he is with her. The lady was then guided towards her room on the first floor. When she was trying to give the Tip to the servant, accidentally a lot of money slipped from her purse. It caught the attention of all the guests staying there that night. Though a young couple and servant have helped to collect the money and give her back.

After a few moments, the lady came down and asked the waiter to have Wine, but the waiter asked that they have rum, coke, etc. but wine is not available. The lady then refused to drink anything and asked if there is a telephone anywhere as she need to make a call. There was a person with a beard did a joke on that and then found that the lady didn’t took it lightly, he apologized. Though at the same time Sam D’silva having a bottle of French wine offered her the wine. The lady initially refused to take it but after Sam insisted strongly, the lady joined him. During several events the lady found that there was an old man killed in the hotel in past. The people murmured about how dangerous the place is and all. The lady in her thoughts gone out of hotel in the dark area of jungle, and Sam checked her purse, he found there is a pistol there in the purse. Hotel manager and other people than escorted the lady back to the hotel by telling, it is jungle and its not good to wander around. The waiter then asked there is the ghost of the old man killed there is seen by him several times and it is very dangerous. The manager have asked him to not to spread the fear, as there is no such called ghost.

To kill the time all of them got together and thought several options but then all agree to follow Sam’s plan. They plan to play the “Courtroom Drama”. The young couple Mr. and Mrs. Lal, Sam, Gopi, The man with the beard, the hotel manager and the lady, Mrs. Preeti Narang all have to play different characters like a victim, victim’s lawyer, the government lawyer, judge, witness etc. Though the lady intended to make a call to Goa, makes the call. We see Sam oversee the waiter was overhearing the phone call made by the lady via a parallel phone line. The drama moves ahead, unfolding the story of a wealthy elderly man (played by Chetan Anand? No, one of our readers has suggested, he was Mr. R S Chopra) in flashback moments) was misguided by her very beautiful secretary that his wife is pregnant with someone else. Which resulted them in the divorce of the couple. The secretary then got married to a wealthy man. Of course, it was a fantasy story and different guests played different roles in that. Sam asked to take a small break and the lady, playing the judge agree. She also went to visit her room.

A person came from outside, enters her room by using a staircase from the door in the gallery. The people on the ground floor heard a fire and they all rushed to Mrs. Narang’s where they found there was a person lying on his chest having a pistol in one hand and the bag with money in the other, shot by Mrs. Narag in self defence. They all bring unconscious lady downstairs which will be taken to the sense by Sam and others and all comforted her by telling that whatever she did in self deference is not a crime and they already called the police. They all will support her as witness of incident.

As the story moves forward, there are mysteries coming out and at the end the crime and the motive behind it, is exposed by Sam. If you watch the episode you got the idea about some stuff at least, partially, while watching, that what is the mystery and what could be the reason. Though one positive point I must note down (in addition to convincing acting by the lead actors), there is good combination of “black and white” and “color” characters in the same frame, when showing the flashbacks.

overall, a watchable experience.

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  1. The elderly man is RS Chopra, not chetan anand.

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