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Love Story of Yashodhan | TV Serial Vikram aur Betal on DVD – Views and Reviews

Once again, as Vikram answered Betal, Betal escaped from his grip and flew back to his place on the tree in the graveyard. Vikram followed him and fought him. Vikram overpower Betaal and took him again into his custody, and left for the Yogi’s place. Vetal started talking to Samrat Vikramaditya and offered him to listen the story he is going to tell. By warning Vikram, if he will speak, Betal will escape again, he started telling the story.

It is the Love Story Of King Yashodhan.

Once upon a time there was a king named Yashodhan [Played by : Vijay Arora] ruled a kingdom. The king was very brave and genuine. He was always ready to do anything in favor of his kingdom and its citizens. He always used to tell his employees that “Never think about personal benefits of the king (himself), but always think (and work for) the benefits of the entire kingdom”.

Once there were two female dancers presented to him in his court, who impressed kings by exhibiting their dancing skills to his court. The impressed king presented gifts to the dancers and asked from where he found the dancers. The courtiers told that the famous businessman Kaushal Sen [Played by: Mulraj Rajda] bring them as present for the king, the dancers now will serve the king forever. Yashodhan got angry and told that, the artist should not kept as slaves. And the aim of Kaushal Sen to got relief in the tax he need to pay against the present will be backfired to him. Yashodhan paid significant amount to the dancers for their livelihood and asked to get it collected from Kaushal Sen in addition to the tax.

The king has a brave commandant [played by : Satish Kaul], who was very dutifully taking care of the borders of the kingdom and internal security both. There was also a rich man [played by : Ramesh Bhatkar] living in the kingdom with his wife [played by : Rajni Bala] and a beautiful daughter [played by : Kajal Kiran]. The daughter was not only beautiful but was expert in various arts and skills. The rich man and his wife were worried for her daughter’s marital future. Finding equally capable groom for the daughter is the main worry for them. Then they thought why not approach king Yashodhan himself. The rich man meet Yashodhan and proposed him to marry his daughter. The king took the offer with respect and told that as he is the king he have to thought of the kingdom first. So he needs to verify if the rich man’s daughter is capable of handling the responsibilities of a queen. If he meet the girl and somehow find her incapable for some stuff, and refuse the marriage proposal to her, she will hurt.

Yashodhan then proposed that two of his courtiers Suchitra Sen and Vichitra Sen [ played by : Mohan Choti and Chandrakant Pandya] will go to the rich man’s house and meet his girl on the king’s behalf. They will report their findings to Yashodhan and based on the report Yashodhan will reply the rich man’s proposal. The rich man accepted this proposal. When Suchitra Sen and Vichitra Sen met the girl they found her very beautiful and capable by all means to marry king Yashodhan. When they were heading back to the king’s palace they met Kaushal Sen. Kaushal Sen asked them they are looking happy, what’s the matter? Suchitra Sen and Vichitra Sen explained the stuff and told they are happy that they find a proper queen for the king. Kaushal Sen though advised them, if the girl is beautiful, it may happen that the king will devot most of his time to his queen in stead of taking care of the kingdom. The courtiers have to think about the kingdom’s future and not the king’s personal gains.

Misguided with the advice from Kaushal Sen, both the courtiers asked Yashodhan that the girl is not proper to be queen of Yashodhan. And Yashodhan replied accordingly, to the rich man, with apologies. On the other side the commandant unaware of these things met the rich man’s daughter and they liked each other. The got engaged and during their courtship they fall in love for each other madly. Once when the rich man’s daughter was riding the horse of the commandant, the horse got uncontrolled, and Yashodhan have helped her to control the horse. By seeing the girl Yashodhan fall in love for her. He also have never met the girl so didn’t knew her identity nor he was familiar with her engagement with his commandant. He asked his commandant to know more about the girl and propose her parents to get her married with Yashodhan. When the commandant and the courtiers reached to the girls home, the commandant shocked as it was his fiancee’s home and she was the only child of her parents.

The commandant then asked Suchitra Sen and Vichitra Sen to not to disclose the matter to the king. He met the girl and her parents and convinced them to call of his engagement with the girl and get her married with the king. Though before the king marries the girl, the courtiers Suchitra Sen and Vichitra Sen told everything about the commandant’s sacrifice. The king stunned by the truth, goes to the marriage place and gets the girl married with his commandant.

By finishing the tale, Betal asked Vikram, whose sacrifice was greater? Vikram answered correctly as usual, that the sacrifice of …. is greater.

As always, I am not going to reveal the answer and kill your enthusiasm when watching the episode on your own.

Apart from the little compromised video quality and some not too good acting, overall you will enjoy the episode.

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