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Safari Magazine | September 2012 Issue | Views And Reviews

In the white and skyish blue background two giraffes are standing with the title – How did giraffe gain in the neck – remind us the theory of Charles Darwin about “the survival of the fittest” – is how the cover page of Safari magazine – September 2012 issue appears.

The inside cover page shows a fantastic view with the title “Curtains of light”. It is simply superb. You have to see it to experience it.

When listing the wonders of the World, the Great Wall Of China will find its spot definitely. There are various facts and myths running about the same. Do you know how long it is? If you think you know (or don’t know) read a brief article about the same in FYI section. The same section also brings in the information about the exceptional memory power of African elephants.

The monsoon is started thoroughly in various parts of India. Seeing lightning is common during the day. The view it provides is fascinating of course. However the lightening can prove dangerous or even fatal also on occasions. However the possibility of being struck by the same is rare, but it exist. It is considered that more than 250 people in Gujarat-India alone lost their lives to the same, in last four years! What are the possible safety measures (and steps) one should take when caught in stormy environment when lightening is there and chances of its striking are more? An article by the editor spread over 4 pages is worth read.

In Antarctica, after drilling for almost 22 years, the Russian scientists are able to contact the water of Vostok lake. The lake is 3.75 kilometers under the surface of Antarctica. It seems that the water remain pure and untouched since years. And hence the sample took from there, can help us solving a lot of mysteries of ancient days of the Earth. Captain Vijay Kaushik’s article spread over 4 page brings us the factual details about the same.

D. N. Kaushik comes with a 6 page, detailed article about the long neck of giraffe. Giraffe is considered as a very unique animal and its appearance with remarkably long neck make it literally stand out of the crowd. It is also referred as the example of several science theories. The scientists are arguing a lot about what caused it to have such long neck, from various point of views. Read the interesting article about the same.

Mars – the red planet fascinates us. Does the RED color is the reason for the same?! Well, the mission Mars are started since 1970 ad recently the successful landing of spaceship there brings it again in the lime light! (The RED planet in LIME light!!!) Read some interesting information about this planet and man’s hunt for possibility of water and/or life in any form there.

The chances are rare that you have heard about the island named Nauru. The island is situated in Pacific ocean. The island have been at the top of the highest standard of living for many years. The reason was (and is) the availability of Phosphate from the same. This 21 square KM island have the road of 19 kilometers and still was having around 5000 cars!!! The people was living in so much luxury that when the car was malfunctioned, instead of getting it repaired people used to leave it by the road! The island and its economy is on the way to FALL! The reason is obvious, now most of the Phosphate is taken out from the land. Read interesting details about the island and tries of its citizens for the survival.

The next season of Kaun Banega Crorpati – a show similar to the “who wants to be millionaire” is about to begun. It would be interesting to know that despite of giving Crores of Rupees to the contents in each season and paying thick fees to the anchor how much the producers could be earning through this show?! Actually, it is much more than you believe. Read a detailed article by Digambar Vyas about the same.

Q&A – Fact Finder – segment brings the answers to the following questions:

  • How does gargling with salt water kill bacteria in our mouth and throat?
  • Why are some animals and bird utterly bereft of their natural colour? This occurrence is seen in humans also, though equally rarely?
  • What is ‘Grandfather Paradox’ concerning time travel and how can it be resolved?
  • How is scent extracted from flowers like roses?
  • Is there a theoretical limit on the speed of supercomputer’s operations? How fast can it work at the very most?
  • What would happen if Earth passed through a comet’s tail?
  • How do astronomers know that dark energy is speeding up the expansion of the universe?
  • How do cracks appear in mud flats during the period of drought?
  • Which has been the highest officially recorded sea weave?

The super quiz section brings information about “forgotten inventions and their inventors” (for the below mentioned inventions):

  • Ball Point Pen
  • Gramophone
  • Telephones
  • The telegraph
  • Camera
  • Walkman
  • Typewriter
  • VCR
  • Pagers
  • Portable CD Players

The last cover page provides detailed information about INS Vikrant 2.

Overall a worth read providing the best value for moeny.

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