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Casino Royale | James Bond Fim | Hollywood Movie Reviews

Casino Royale – is the book which introduces James Bond as 007 – the MI6 agent. The movie however comes late in the series, but it is still weaved the incidents properly.

James Bond is a novice in his duties. He is more of a human and hence prone to injuries, traps and more. He is not experienced enough. He is young and hot blooded. His decisions are more of emotional rather then the cold blooded ones. This is the beginning of his journey is the brutal and shady world of crimes. It will still take time for Bond to understand that he have to make sure that the opponent should not see him bleed or any of his weaknesses.

Movie :
Casino Royale
Based On : Casino Royale by
Director :
Martin Campbell
Producers : Michael G. Wilson, Barbara Broccoli
Screenplay : , ,
Starring : Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen, Judi Dench, Ivana Miličević , Jeffrey Wright, Giancarlo Giannini, Simon Abkarian, Caterina Murino, Isaac de Bankolé, Jesper Christensen, Sébastien Foucan, Tobias Menzies, Ludger Pistor, Claudio Santamaria, Richard Sammel, Clemens Schick, Joseph Millson, Ben Cooke, Darwin Shawh, Diane Hartford, and Others…

Comparatively novice in the field James Bond traces out one of the station chiefs of MI6 as the culprit who sold some classified information. After killing his assistant, Bond kills him as well. He was given the 00 status based on this service. He was then sent for Mollaka – a bomb maker. In Madagascar he tries capturing Mollaka and after the thrilling chase they lands into the embassy where he ultimately kills the target. He also blows up a part of building and escape from there. The security cameras there though captures the kill and the blast. The proofs are sent to M – the head of MI6 and the political pressure is raised on her to punish James.

The Parkour chase between James Bond and Mollaka is really choreographed well. It definitely glues you with the sit. You cannot afford missing it.

Anyway Bond found a clue that someone named Ellipses from Mollaka’s cell phone. He searches for the same and found that he is none other than Alex Dimitrios. Alex is an assistant to Le Chiffre. Le Chiffre is a banker who finances the terrorist groups. Le Chiffre and his group works very intelligently doing some phishy stuffs. Le Chiffre uses terrorist attacks to sink prices of the stock of the successful companies and does the short-selling of the same.

Bond traces Alex and reach to Bahamas. He then befriends with Solange – wife of Dimitrios. Finally he get to know that Alex is to fly for Miami. Bond does his bit by following him and finally he get to know that Skyfleet airliner – a prototype is next in the list of Le Chiffre to destroy. Bond follows the henchman and ultimately is able to stop the incident.

The thrilling chase at the airport is one of the fantastic action gems to watch, for sure.

Thus the stuff doesn’t go ahead as planned for Le Chiffre and it made him into the strange situation. His terrorist client need all his money by any means. So there remains only a single way for Le Chiffre to earn that large amount of money fast. “Texas hold ’em” tournament at the Casino Royale in Montenegro. He bets high stakes there and winning the tournament could resolve all his problems. MI6 enters James Bond in the tournament with an aim that he should win the tournament and then the rest of the negotiations with the government can be done. We got to know that the American government is also having his man Felix playing in the same tournament with similar intentions.

The incidents at Casino Royale keeps taking interesting turns. Rene Mathis, and Vesper Lynd plays crucial and major roles for James Bond. The thrilling chase between the white and the dark becomes even more interesting. So many fatal incidents take place though Bond is able to ultimately survive them all, with the help of his friends, technology, wisdom and more.

The rest of the story is better to watch on screen.

It is interesting to note that after Pierce Brosnan said good buy to James Bond series due to his growing age, the hunt for the next Bond was on. A lot of people didn’t like the choice of Daniel Craig as the protagonist. As his persona is quite different than what Ian Fleming mentioned in the books for James Bond – tall, dark and handsome. Ultimately though Craig’s performance and his efforts on his physique earned him a lot of praise. This film is considered as one of the top 10 James Bond film. It grossed remarkably good amount at box office. Daniel hence was able to preserve his role as James Bond for Quantum Of Solace, the next released Bond movie after Casino Royale. He is playing James Bond again in SkyFall – the next Bond movie. The movie also have received praise for the stunts and technical aspects.

Some interesting facts about the movie:

  • There were around 200 names considered as the next James Bond after Pierce Brosnan announced to leave the franchisee!
  • The movie won Film Award for Best Sound at British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards.
  • Eva Green won Orange Rising Star Award, at British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards.
  • The movie was nominated for eight BAFTA award and Daniel Craig is the first actor who is nominated for playing James Bond – at BAFTA awards!
  • Craig also won the Best Actor award at Evening Standard British Film Award.
  • The movie also won Excellence in Production Design Award from the Art Directors Guild.
  • You Know My Name – song from this film won the best original song award at International Press Academy Satellite Award.
  • The movie was nominated for five Saturn Awards!
  • It is the third James Bond premiere that the Queen Elizabeth II attended following You Only Live Twice and Die Another Day

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