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Reader’s Digest India | September 2012 Issue | Magazine Reviews

The September -2012 issue of the knowledge magazine Reader’s Digest (India) is out and here are our reviews for the same.

It is said that there is not a single person found who haven’t ever experienced back pain in the life. Especially after 40. Well, the human body is structured the way that the spinal code gets a lot of pressure on the same. And probably the best way to keep the back pain away is the healthy life style habits! The cover page of the issue says that there is an article about back pain inside. We are curious to see what are there inside the article!

The editor’s note is good to read. It elaborates how RD is trying to get every word in the article double checked and so the content for its accuracy. What we like most is the open confession of the editor himself that he also needed to be corrected at a few places. It is good to have such open minded behavior. As the editor himself mentions, it is not that the writers are not reliable or doesn’t do enough study or so, but when you are busy writing you are prone to make some mistakes (or even the research source may have mentioned something which is wrong, or may be someone is misquoted or so). That is why one always have to be ready to all the stuff he/she is working on and double check the same and get it corrected open mindedly. It is true in the every aspect of the life.

Outrageous! – section brings a debatable article about – the compensation given to the victims (and their family) of the train crash is significantly low and it should be hiked. Well, we must remember two things here 1. The (purchasing) value of Rupee is downgraded a lot 2. The money given to the victims (or survivors or their family) is collected from the people via tax. India is one of the countries having very large number of people traveling via train. And when some mishaps are done, many number of people are affected. The safety and the security of the people and train must be one of the primary responsibilities of the authority here. By the way, let us know your personal views in the matter!

Bittu Sahgal – the editor of the Sanctuary Asia magazine and a wild life activist – brings an article about the efforts of saving tiger by Poona and Harish. There is also a picture where we see a family of tigers drinking water at the water hole prepared by them. They are amongst those people doesn’t sit in AC conference room and discuss some intellectual steps and big talks. They simply works! And that is what it is needed. We appreciate work of people like them. A nice and inspirational read, of course.

React section have the reader’s letters discussing over the article about the sense of humor of Indian (from July 2012 issue). Taking all the jokes, cartoons, humors in ill manner will take us no where. Rather having a healthy approach towards the same is needed. No doubt the cartoons (or jokes or humors) should not cross the limit to hurt others, but most of them are not created to hurt other s at all. Also the reactions for the article about the public transport (read Buses) drivers got almost similar reactions from various people. Somehow it reflects that the people when in charge of something which belongs to more than one person, feels like he is an authority and the sense of power might make him doing something improper also (Well, exceptions are there of course).

In the Here & Now section, the following books are talked about.

Also the Quick Quiz segment of this section is quite interesting. Such quiz make you read the content more carefully and attentively.

The “language” section brings in some interesting facts about the the same. We need to keep ourselves updated in terms of using words/phrases or rather we might start getting considered by others as outdated. Or might be others take you wrong and vice versa. For example when you hear the word “gay” – most of the people refer to the meaning homosexual. But actually the word gay has the following meanings 1. light-heated; cheerful 2. suggesting happiness… 3. loose, irresponsible 4. homosexual (in the order – as the author refers 1974 edition of Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary). Seems the order is changed much since 1974 right! The author refers a birthday rhyme and his experiences. An interesting article, which interest not only linguistic maestros but needs to be known by all of us.

The “WordPower” section of this month focuses on Shop-Talk.

In My Opinion – segment brings and article which strictly focuses India. The author raise a question that “Do we need a president”. The role the president plays and his exclusive powers and responsibilities are discussed at length by the author, who himself is an advocate and a former journalist.

My Story – segment brings in a story by Veronica Dayman titled “Lemon Essence”.

Shivani Maheshwari brings in the themed article – Solving The Back Pain. The article provides some easy steps to prevent back pain as well. Frankly speaking the article is good but I was expecting more from the same as it is the themed article.

As the Teacher’s day is approaching on 5th Sept – an article titled “Beyond Books & Homework – what do the best teachers really teach?” The article is not only the tribute to the teachers, who plays a vital role in almost all the aspects of one’s life. Its a good read.

Real life drama – this segment has the “Terror in the bear pit” this time. It shows how a specific moment turned a pleasant day into a nightmare at a zoo, when a beer (which was considered funny and loved by the visitors) it fall into the pit. Anyway the child named Amber came out safe at the end.

Yeh Pen Banaraswala – is an article about Sameer. He is the lyricist who wrote more than 3800 songs for Bollywood!!! I remember reading an interview of him in a film magazine before a few year. He did mention that once when he was abroad and was being interviewed by a journalist there. He was asked how many songs he have written. By hearing the answer of the same (the figure smaller then – but remarkable nonetheless); the journalist have asked him, seems that you might own an island and a few more treasures right?!! Sheetala Pandey aka Sameer’s father Anjaan was also a lyricist and a respectable name in Hindi Film industry. Rather than spilling beans about the interview details, I insist that you should read the same, to utter the joy it provides.

Twin Power – brings in the tale of Craig and Brenton Gurney. Some connection they share reminds you some film scenes and doctor may not have the accurate answers for the same.

After so many efforts by various governments and so many Non profit organisations, it is said that one of the six people in the world goes hungry every day! There are five foods discussed in an article by Ellie Rose which seems to save the world.

We love challenges right? Especially from nature! May be it’s human desire to establish somehow that he is the superior! People does the adventure sport for some psychological reasons. Everest expedition is one such challenge. An article about “Inside an Everest Expedition” provides information about the same. It also gives the detail about the kit you need for the same. The article is well fed with photos which you will love to see. Overall a really good and informative and detailed article. Just go for read.

Reader’s Digest Classic – section this time brings a story from its August 1962 issue. It is an interesting read.

Marriage – the union of souls – as it is considered, may not be the same always. Probably divorce is the only way left sometimes. Tying the knot is a joyous and desired event for all, but untying is also sometimes become a necessity. Forced marriages are likely to see that end, but in some cases the situations are so strange that people fell victim of the same. A tiny agency had already been fighting against force marriages since a while. Read the magazine to know more about the same.

Look – see the world differently – have some amazing photos to see.

Dogs are considered as the honest most friends of humans. A tale “creature comfort” will make you realize, why?

Connected lives – is an article about a beraved father, a world war II survivor and a child married in poverty. How their lives are connected is the essence of the article.

Internet is definitely a boon and a lot of self help articles available proves a mine of knowledge for the people. At the same time it is needed to be taken care that what to go for and what not to. Especially when talking about health and self-doctoring. RD-living, brings information about the same.

Overall, a magazine worth reading, which brings you the value for the money you spend (to purchase the same).

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