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Safari Magazine | December 2013 Issue | Views And Reviews

The December 2013 issue of – Safari – a science and knowledge magazine from India – is out and we are curious to see what it contains. As it is the last issue for the year 2013 we are hopeful to end the year with some interesting knowledge and information.

The dark red cover page having a bird sitting there making an eye contact with the reader, showing its beak looks nice. And we got to know that there is an entire article on the bizarre shapes and sizes of bird beaks!

New Zealand is a country blessed with natural beauties. The Mt. Cook aka. Aoraki is photographed and a high resolution photograph of the same is presented on the inside cover page in regular – MegaPixel – section. A nice photograph.

Vasco Da Gama’s successful voyage to India initiate a lot of chapters in the history of the word, both good and bad. There is an article about How did he find sea route to India in the November 2013 issue of Safari. The second part of the article is available in this issue. This segment picks the events from 10 November 1497 when he reached to St. Helena (he started his voyage on July 8, 1497) and his voyage to India thereafter.

This article by Harshal Pushkarna is added with some illustrations and other (may be) unknown facts also. The photograph of monument at Kappad is an historical evidence included. The language of the article is interesting and make the reader glued to read it. And the author is very clear in representing his thoughts. In the last paragraph he doesn’t hesitate in telling that one needs to learn from history to not to make the same mistakes again. Unity is the only thing which can make us fight against invaders! Very true. The same message is trying to be spread since the era of Mahabharat (and before) by the wise men. You may like to purchase the magazine even if only this article is printed inside.

Do you know that humming-bird’s beak is longer than its body!? OR Wry-bill plover is the only bird with a crooked beak?! Well, there are so many more facts about birds and their beaks, found in a detailed article by Sushil Bhatia. The article interest more to bio-zoology lovers, but nature lovers will enjoy it equally.

We know since childhood to keep ourselves at distance from various toxins. And it is often referred that the venom of Cobra is very dangerous. By watching so many TV Serials and Crime Thrillers, we also know that Potassium Cyanide is very lethal and it kills within few minutes. But which one is the World’s most lethal toxin? You can go through the article by B. M. Purohit in which he talks about a toxin, of which, only 710 grams is suffice (if apportioned equally) to wipe out entire human race (around 7 billion people on the Earth)! The article will interest to thriller lovers more.

In the days of winter the article about Elephants and their unique efforts to keep them cool may not sound much interesting. But in the summer days, the question is relevant! A very nice article but may be more effective to common people if was printed in any summer issues.

The fast facts segment this month focuses on The largest volcano discovered on Pacific seabed.

Flowers are loved for two things – its beauty and smell. Do you know that Rafflesia is the world’s biggest, heaviest and foulest smelling flower?! Yes, it is. It founds in the rain forest of south-east Asia. Botany lovers definitely found this article interesting. But it is a good read for all those who are curious to get general knowledge.

The Q&A FactFinder segment answers the following questions:

  • Where did the Earth’s atmosphere come from and how has it evolved to its present composition?
  • Why is there more static electricity during winter season?
  • While filming a movie, why does a member of the camera crew hold clapboard in front of the camera and then clap its hinged stick to produce a sharp sound?
  • Who invented automobile air bag? How does this device work?
  • How many feathers do birds have?
  • How is bypass heart surgery performed? Who did it first?
  • Is there a mountain higher than Mount Everest? At least one book listing amazing facts says there indeed is?

Comparatively few questions answered then usually in this segment.

The – Super Quiz – section this month is focused on Wartime Inventions. This makes you think that the necessity is the mother of invention for sure. As survival is the biggest necessity and it is challenged in the wartime making room for more thoughts, research, dedication and availability of resources to build something needed.

The last cover page article – All About Manned Mission to Mars – falls in simply-not-to-miss category.

Final verdict:

Overall a magazine issue worth the amount you pay for it and more importantly time you spend to read it! Our personal suggestion is – go for it!

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