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Arvind Gupta | An Inventor You Must Meet

Arvind Gupta, a scientist, an inventor, a populariser of science is a man who will wake up the curious children inside you. He spends his efforts to spread science in very fun-n-learn way. He use the thing we consider as – waste – to create some very fantastic toys!

He was a student of IIT Kanpur in 1970. He could have joined a multi-national and chosen a wealthy, rich and comfortable life for him. But he decided to go other way. He is an advocate of teaching should be full of enthusiasm. Just mugging up the definitions, rules, formulas, historical events, essays, poems,etc. and spitting it on the students is not teaching, but the things should be taught in a way that the children enjoy it. It should irk curiosity and after understanding the science behind the stuff they themselves should be fond of learning more and even inventing some stuff on their own!

He himself visited around 2000 schools in India including government running schools, municipal schools and others. Here is a TED TALK with Arvind Gupta which will make you a fond of his simple yet powerful tricks and toys. With the curtsey of TET TALK we are embedding it for you all.

While we praise entertainers, authors, sportsmen and other achievers, we must not forget people who work at the root level and prove an inspirational path guide for many.

We are planning to start a series of various fun-n-learn toys related videos by Mr. Arvind Gupta, presenting to our readers.

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