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Bullet Raja | Hindi Film | Bollywood Movie | Personal Reviews

The latest movie by Tigmanshu Dhulia is considered as his most commercial film till date. The use of animations/cartoons in the pre-title segment reminds us titles of Katha.

Movie : Bullet Raja
Director :
Tigmanshu Dhulia
Produced by : Tigmanshu Dhulia, Rahul Mittra, Nitin Tej Ahuja
Music By : SajidWajid
Lyrics : Sandeep Nath
Studio : Fox Star Studios
Distributed by : Fox Star Studios
Released On :
Starring : Saif Ali Khan [Raja Mishra], Sonakshi Sinha [Mitali], Jimmy Shergill [Rudra Tripathi], Chunky Pandey [Lallan], Ravi Kishan [Sumer Yadav], Gulshan Grover [Financer Bajaj], Vidyut Jamwal [Inspector Arun Singh Munna], Raj Babbar [Minister Ram Babu Shukla], Emraan Hashmi, and others…

The item song immediately after the title song was a little disappointing. The song doesn’t create any impact at all. That song and the Mahie Gill track is added to the film to just attract commercial audience, the director though links that with a key event to justify it.

In fact, none of the song is necessary in the film, but as said earlier, this is a commercial film and hence song comes periodically. The background music is authentic though.

The story allows locales of Lucknow, Mumbai, Delhi and some areas of UttarPradesh to be explored, and the cinematographer does is fantastically. Some of the fight scenes are filmy but they are integrated in the story narration beautifully and they are fantastic technically too. Some scenes are really different than what we see in Hindi movies usually, for example After Rudra’s death when Mitali holds the revolver and asks Raja that though she cannot replace Rudra or fulfill his place, she will try to be doing her best to be Raja’s buddy! Now this is fantastic! We usually hear the cases when the lady have the problem or jealousy of his husband’s friends and all, but here it goes smooth, very good. Ditto when you see Raja was ready to leave Mitali for Rudra, he shows his dedication as well.If you get such nice buddy and a lover, what else you need in the life!

Saif Ali Khan dons the character of Raja Mishra pretty well and does justice to the same. Same we can say for Jimmy Shergill. When joined the film industry from Ashiq Awara, Saif was looking boyish and he might not have offered such roles if he haven’t worked hard on his physique! So the hardwork pays! He acts convincingly at most of the places. Jimmy, as we know doesn’t get the scope of his caliber (and some others face that problem are Arshad Warsi, Sunil Shetty, Govinda,…) but when get a chance he performs well. Sonakshi also shows improvements in her performance. The Kolkata scenes are also authentic. The typical family and its residence, the parents worrying about the daughter, the English mixed Bengali spoken by an educated family all are filmed (and performed) really well.

Tigmanshu’s favorite Irrfan Khan isn’t able to play the police officer role due to some other commitments and Vidyut Jamwal got the role. The role is modified a little show his martial art skills. He is good at stunts and all as the matter of fact. Where do you see a police officer with so long hair? Also his cloths might have bee a little tighter to create more impact. He have a long way to go in terms of showing right expressions. As all his muscles are flexible enough to win praise when it comes to fight, he must work hard to have the same flexibility on his face-muscles. His role is small though. Raj Babbar plays his part convincingly. A cold blooded politician is explored by him well.

Gulshan Grover get a small role here and he does his work convincingly. Ravi Kishen is a nice actor and his role gives him chance to show his talent, which he does convincingly. It is Chunkey Pandey who surprise with stunning performance! He played really well!

The dialogs are first rate. We can say it is one of the most powerful segment of the movie. The writers needs appreciation for the same. Nowadays we hear more abusive words in the movie where the makers claim that they are added to make the stuff more authentic(!); this movie comes as a relief there.

The politics is explored really well, be it in dialogs or in story moving key scenes. Even how some people plays key roles by staying within the prison is explored well. How Raja and Rudra hate crime and were forced doing the same via chain of events, is explored well. Actually hunger for power and using it is a human emotion, when situations come one can go to any extent to do so. The reference of Raja and Rudra’s friendship to the same of Jay-Veeru (film : Sholay) is also loved by people. The movie succeed joining viewer with the emotions of the lead character and it is the (commercial) success of the movie.

It is the end of the movie which impacts well. The twist at the end is well-thought.

If you like crime thrillers and you won’t mind seeing blood on the screen. You can go for this movie. The songs will make it a less enjoyable ride though, but the dialogs fill that gap.

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