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Safari Magazine | December 2011 Issue | Views And Reviews

The latest and last issue of the year 2011 Indian science magazine Safari. Let’s digg into the details of the same.

For Your Information section
Ever wondered who were the first passengers who visited the space, well but of course we remember the name of Yuri Gagarin, the Soviet pilot. But wait, he was not the the first earthly inhabitant to go into space!!! Well, who was or were they then? Read ad informative article about the same.

The growth of information and technology have brought in front several social aspects also, which may not be taking the precedence in a person’s mind but not only from social and legal but also from moral form it is important. For example when someone dies, all his legacy is inherited to someone, his descendant in most the cases or the nearest or dearest one or otherwise the fellow mentioned in the “will” of the the person dead. What about the cyber wealth of the person for instance. His email accounts for example. Well there are more now, LinkedIn, FaceBook, Twitter and number or online footprints. Sometimes the email a/c or even the chat history is useful in resolving some criminal offenses, legal disputes, social issues and much more. It is the stuff which may not look more important but it is. The detailed stuff about this issue must needs to raise awareness about. A small one page article discusses the stuff well.

We know a lot about languages but still we don’t know a lot! We know that a language is a media to communicate. So it can have words, signs, symbols and more. But you know there are languages where whistles are there to represent the words! Well, nothing is strange in that as the Morse code is created with dash and dot, and using this two elements, any thing can be conveyed, same way the Binary language, the heart of computers can do anything via 0 and 1 (the presence and absence of the electricity current). When you visit the hill stations and mountain colonies, you see there are homes very far and sometimes the rope ways are the only way to travel. How to convey messages then. Whistles can be boon in such scenario. Well, the whistles are used by Army and other military forces to convey messages too. Watch some war movies carefully and you will realize it. Anyway, we are taking about whistle languages which are about to vanish (or vanishing slowly). An informative article by D. N. Kaushik can let you explore more about the same.

We love birds. They are so innocent, so natural and worry free. We often say, if I could be a bird, can fly freely and wander without taking tension and live life fully. The sweet voices of Cuckoo, Parrot, Nightingale and others makes our day. But do you know which is the most destructive bird on the earth? Do you know which birds are known as ‘feathered locusts’? Read the detailed article by Samarth Vyas to explore it.

You may know that the American redwood trees are considered as the tallest trees. But have you ever thought, which one of them is the tallest!? Most of the fully grown giant redwood trees can reach to the height of 60 meters easily. The search for the tallest one is there since long and it is ongoing. If you want to know the details, the article about the same by Harshal Pushkarna cannot be missed.

The human body is definitely a well functioned machine or a wonder you can say. An article about human body, its parts, its anatomy and functionality is like a guided tour to the body we own, or we live within since our birth, but may not know it fully.

Did you know that the first Apple Computer logo was drawn by an artist named Ronald Wayne. The logo depicted Isaac Newton sitting under an apple tree. This logo was changed to rainbow colored apple fruit icon in 1977. There are more fascinating and worth to know information about Apple Computers as consolidated in an article by Harshal Pushkarna.

Do you think Black Cobra is the deadliest snake? Well, what you know about the dreaded black mamba. This snake is the largest venomous snake in Africa and the second largest snake in the world, after the king Cobra. It also holds the record for being the fastest land snakes in the world. An article by Samarth Vyas explored a lot about the same.

Are humans the only spices who can use the brain to get more output with less efforts. Gorillas have been studied in the wild for decades, and they did not seem to use tools in the same way as chimpanzees do. Then what made gorilla in Congo think of using a walking stick to cross a canal. The Article by B. M. Purohit explores the details about this study.

Q & A Fact Finder

  • When were elephants first used in war ad how far were they effective?
  • From the viewpoint of economy, can hydrogen ever become a significant source of energy like petrol and diesel?
  • How does a combination lock work? Why is it considered more secure than the cylinder lock?
  • Why a multi-stage rocket is needed to get a spacecraft off the Earth and into the space?
  • How will the Universe end? Or will it go on expanding forever?
  • Why the capacity of air-conditioners is expressed in tonnes, instead of horsepower?
  • How millions or transistors switch-on and switch-off to register the digital 1 and 0 in the microchip?
  • Why an automobile’s windscreen glass shatters into a myriad of rounded pieces when it breaks, instated of dangerous sharp splinters?
  • How do sound waves travel through air? Why do they move faster in water than in air?

The super quiz section is there so get ready for mental exercise. Giggles are also needed for a healthy and happy life, and you will definitely find it there in this issue too. Don’t forget to read the article “Earth’s Atmosphere”. Overall a nice read.

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