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Episode 3 Of Akbar The Great Hindi TV Serial On DVD Views And Reviews

With the death of Babar, Humayun is crowned as the new Mughal emperor. Though possessor of some great qualities Humayun was soft as a Ruler. As he divided his kingdom into the various segments and gifted to his brothers as the act of generosity of course; but it resulted into making the foundation of the Mughal kingdom weaker. As we know “united we stand, divided we fall”. The same was true in the case. The force is divided into the pieces with the kingdom. And as we know hunger for power grows when you achieve some. Same happened in case of Humayun’s brothers too.

TV Series :
Akbar The Great
Music : Naushad
Art : T. K. Desai
Photography : V. Subba Rao
Dialogs :
Screenplay :
Producer : Akbar Khan
Director : Akbar Khan
Cast : Sahid Khan, Vikrant, Kaushal Kapoor, Shammi, Kamal Malik, Aman Quraishi, Arvind, Ishtiaq Khan, Sumita Siddharth, Gazal, Syed Nawab Shah and others.
Format : DVD
Language : Hindi
Video Encoding : NTSC All Regions

It all starts with the famous lines:

“Sooraj Hoon Zindagi Ki Ramak Chhod Jaaunga
Main Doob Bhi Gaya To Shafaq Chhod Jaaunga”

They started thinking rule the entire Mughal kingdom. There are a few faithfuls of Humayun too, who were there with him by all means. But based on the weaker strength he lost the battle against the Afghan commandant Shershah Suri. And as Babar predicted, Shershah became one of the major problems for Humayun. Humayun was believer of Astrology and good signs. Once he was trying some tricks to see if his luck will be with him. His faithfuls asked when you start anything with genuine intentions and by taking the name of Allah – the God, it is always a good sign. They advised, still attacking on Shershah’s army is the best way to defend.

On the other end, Humayuns brothers were thinking that Humayun need to be replaced by them as he is not having the qualities of a ruler and planned to overpower him. The essence is “there is no limit to the lustful ambitions”. People always think having more and more power. The power have its own addiction. You never know when the thoughts to rule started ruling you. So always be careful, especially, once you have powers.

Also as Chanakya said, a ruler has to be hard when needed. Being soft hearted doesn’t work always. The famous saying of Tit for Tat is made for such situations only. If Humayun have ruled by some control over the kingdom and taking hard steps when needed, the history was something else. But well, the facts are the facts and there comes no ifs and buts there. Also we, sitting in the chair, at comfort of home or office cannot judge the situations that were there at that time. It is easy to make speculations but that times and the persona of Humayun might have done correct things at that time! Or may be it is the predefined destiny!

Humayun was also keen about approaching his brothers to come for help with their armies. Actually as he has kept the words of his father by allotting them the land they wanted, he was also expecting the same generosity from them. Now as the Mughal emperor, he is at his father’s place and his brothers needs to support him. His faithfuls though know the political realities and asked Humayun to fight the battle on his own strength rather than expecting support from others.
The battle of Kanauj(?) was also resulted into the lose for Humayun where he was able to escape from the battlefield. Bairam Khan (the right hand of Humayun) was captured later. What happened then after is better to explore on your own by watching the TV Series.

The war scenes are not looking as realistic and impactful as one expect. The acting of the lead including the dialog delivery is also below the mark. Overall a nice try to explore the history.

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