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Reader’s Digest India | November 2011 Issue | Views And Reviews

This time I get the chance to write about the November 2011 issue a little late. A kid in the Astronut suit on the cover page and the photo of the Noble winner who dreamed of Peace booked their places on the cover page.

As expected the “react” section have the reactions for the articles about Teachers in the previous issue. The summary of that is simple yet overwhelming, teachers for whom teaching is not just reiterating the content of the book but go beyond that with a passion to actually spread knowledge, leave an unforgettable impact on a student’s mind. We all have sometime in life felt that.

The good reading section reviews the book “Miss Chopsticks” by Xinran. It is titled as the voices of women form China. Xue Xinran, as a journalist came to know a lot of women’s heart via their letters. Xue later moves to London to teach Chinese there, and publish those letters.

A small article about the “Life” explores how we are attached with the emotional baggage and how it affects overall persona of ours. Actually it is not article but views of people but yes, you will love to read them once.

The real heroes are those who IMPACT the society and we mean it literally. Well, an article about Impact, which concentrates more on teaching of students in the rural area, who somehow needs to leave the study to fulfill some household needs. There are people around us who are not hogging up any lime light but they do their duties to make the society even better without having its burden on their face. The heroes section explores them and we are definitely thankful those real heroes, and those too who brought us their details:). BTW impact is a group by a businessman Anil Tandon and some of his fellow IIM Ahmedabad graduates from the class of 1978.

The photographs from the pilgrimage of Mecca are really nice.

Ticket to ride – is the main article of the issue. If you want to be an astronaut and want to wander around in the sky, there is good news (only if you are wealthy enough). For Rs. 67,500 pe rminute you can join Jean Ries and other, to buy a ticket to Ride!!! Jean Rise is a successful businessman dealing in real estate and wealthy enough to fly in his own four seater plane is passionate about going into the space since he saw Neil Armstrong ad Buzz Aldrin walking on the moon. He then decide to have some spaceships created which can let the people who are fond of doing such stuff (including him) fulfil their dreams. Well, read the article to know more.

A quick study to the space age explores the times, since the space race is started. Remember the time of rivalry and proving themselves better than opponents (between USSR and USA at that time). Astronomical success achieved later on and its impact on the current world. These are the main aspects discussed in this small article, which is worth reading.

May Day, is the story of the ship which was stranded on rocks, caught in a gale that was whipping up 10-meter waves. The next broadside could sink it, along with all 14 crew. The story is not only fascinating but it also explores how destiny leads us to where it want! How courage and not loosing hope is the best weapon to fight the bad time.

No one can deny the importance of the Internet in our lives. In the time of growing social networs online, we meet more people online than in the real world and that is the truth. There are always the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of everything. Internet itself is a boon and there are no two thoughts on, ditto for the social networking. But, if handled immaturely or in the wrong hands, the boon can be a bane any time. Meeting people online and trusting them blindly from their online appreance is really dangerous. The kids and teenagers can be trapped via that easily. Emily was shocked and scared when her best friend Julia told her how she had narrowly escaped being kidnapped by a stranger she had met on the Internet. The eye opener article which explore that explores how the public pressure in UK forced several companies to install safety button. What is the safety button and how it works? The question is answere in the article, just go for it to make your children safe in the coming age.

As we know the growing era with the technological advancements have its own adverse effects on the tribal and rural stuff. Some of the tribes are getting shrunk and people are getting gadget friendly. But the technology can help preserving the culture also. Read the article about the Brazilian tribe which is using the modern technology to save it. A very detailed article indeed.

Tennis is one of the most loved sport and the gorgeous leading ladies playing them is one of the reason and no one can deny it anyway. An article about the woman who hit very hard explores the technical details about various aspects of tennis.

Name of Leymah Gbowee (a co-winner of this year’s Nobel prize for peace) is now famous. In a article she talks about her hopes for girls, her fears for Arab women, and the true meaning of leadership when interviewing Dawn Raffle is penned down. Read it know that in the current world and advanced time also there lives animals within the human body and how can they harm the society.

The border that split Germany during the Cold War was designed to keep people out which resulted into an exciting opportunity for the wild life to grow. An article titled The Green Line explore the details that how the no-man’s-land between the former east and west Germany let the Nature flourish within that strip.

In the article titled The science of slicing pizza and other everyday problem solved, by author Robert Matthews, get know some simple yet powerful tricks.

There are crucial health advises from the leading lady doctors, to keep women healthy. A good read.

In the bonus read section you got a chance to meet the working dog heroes. Each one have its unique quality and way to help humans.

overall definitely a good read 🙂

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