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Reader’s Digest India | November 2012 Issue | Magazine Reviews

As the Diwali festivals are approaching (since a while people are already preparing for the same) we thought that some of the articles regarding Diwali food, traditions, safety precautions to take when playing with fireworks etc are expected. Now let us see what is actually inside the magazine.

The lemon color cover page hints some of the main articles inside the magazine, which includes the following:

  • The riddle from Pundit Nehru
  • Surprising slim-down foods
  • The truth behind the great escapee
  • Candid Obama Interview
  • Buying a Tablet PC?
  • What happens to all your FaceBook photos?
  • Power of an apology

In the react section readers react to the articles of the back issues including “Do we need a president?”. One of the readers reacting the article got “letter of the month” prize. Updated languages and Lessons of life are the other major articles reacted (including yeh pen banaaraswala and others).

Here and now section doesn’t give any important information.

Bittu Sahgal in his regular column “Green heart” discusses about Biodiversity and its splendors. It is worth to note that Biodiversity is one of the most important way implemented by the nature which is responsible for the survival of the planet. The small article is worth a read.

Outrageous – the open photo editorial focuses on one of the most important problem in present time. It focuses on the abuse of the senior citizens (read elders) by people including their nearest and dearest ones. Earlier this problem was not appeared more in the countries like India, where the family values matter more, but now it appears more frequently and strongly. Which is a shameful progress. Let us get rid of the things by opening our hearts and minds to feel it rightly.

We have heard so many times that technology is a two way weapon, it can be used for good or bad cause. There is an article titled “Heroes” which talks about the person who used the power of FaceBook to help some underprivileged children. Definitely a worth read stuff.

Teacher is one of the most influenced person in one’s life, after his/her parents; who can lead one to the most proper aspect of his/her life. Anthony Hopkins is a well known and respected actor for some of the memorable roles he played over the years. Do you know what does he do now (apart from acting, occasionally)? Read an article about the same.

Kindness of the strangers – section brings in the story of a true soldier. This incident proves again that you can help anybody if you really will to do so. There also a half page spread notes with the title, help an accident victim. It provides the information about how you can do the same. There is also a story of a Good Conductor.

Recently the elections have been completed in USA, declaring Obama is elected to serve for next term again. The elections are approaching in India as well. So the word-power section focuses on the vocabulary focused on politics!

One of the articles mentioned on the cover page “12 delicious ways to release fat” discusses the effects of the following on the body.

  • Calcium
  • Dairy
  • Resveratrol
  • Coconut Oil
  • Vitamin C
  • PUFAs and MUFAs
  • Protein
  • Honey and cocoa

The article also discusses how much amount of the same is desired by an adult woman/man to take. There also some myths discussed. overall, we can say a healthy read!

The riddle of Pundit Nehru article comes as “Reader’s digest classic”. The article was originally published in 19556 July. It is referred as James Michener’s insightful analysis of Pt. Nehru.

Quick study section comes up with the stuff focused on Volcanoes and Vulcanologist. This article is having some informative pictures also associated with it, making it worth read.

The article titled Apology is an emotional one. A student – a teacher – 39 years time gap – an apology – emotions and other quotients are found inside. Such incidents help boosting moral and ethics in the readers along with real human qualities.

Sometimes we got to have questions raised in our mind about various stuff we encounter in our life. For example why do supermarkets have greeters? What does the FaceBook do with all the photos uploaded? How can Yahoo! and GMail afford providing so much free space for Email accounts? Do they read account holder’s Emails? Do they sell the contact information? So many questions… There is an article which discusses some such stuff in Q/A format. A nice and informative article intended to expand reader’s General Knowledge.

Real life drama brings in the story of Pamela Salant. A nightmare happened to her when she was expected a quiet camping night. It is kind of combination of miracle, luck and hard work by the rescue team that she cheated the death. It proves that the truth is stranger than the fiction.

There was an interview of US president Barack Obama taken by Liz Vaccariello – editor of Reader’s Digest – US edition. In the interview Obama opens up to discuss family, faith and his favorite word. Read the interview to get the details.

J. R. R. Tolkien is definitely one of the most famous authors. A Really informative reading segment is available to read, which no book-movie lover should miss.

Macau – the city known as Vegas of Asia, have its own charm. A journey to the same with the media of Word and Pictures is worth taking.

The bonus read section comes up with the fascinating and binding tale of the Great Escape. The article is titled Uncle Willy and the real great escape (Willy is how the military official John Williams is known as). You will surely love reading this thriller.

There are some other miscellaneous stuff available to read which includes but not limited to some medical advice, how to waterproof your mobile instrument and many more. Which makes the magazine providing the best value of money.

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