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Amy Poehler’s Commencement Speech At Harvard University | Words Of Wisdom

Amy Poehler is not only a famous actress but she wears the hat of comedian, producer and writer too. She was invited at the respected Harvard University for the commencement speech in 2011. Let us try to decode her message. Well, the summary of the understanding is our own and may be a quite different than yours. In such case, you can express your views in the comment and we would love to hear/read them of course.

  • Learn from everyone. Don’t think you are older means you know more or better. Be open in that term.
  • You cannot do everything alone. Be open for a collaboration.
  • Find the people who can inspire and challenge you, and spend a remarkable amount of time with them. It will help you getting better from you. It may change your life (or surely a part of the same).
  • Listen, say yes, live in the moment. Make big choices early and often.
  • If you are scared looking into the partner’s eyes can make you feel better.
  • Try to look at people’s faces (rather than the devices) they are live and interesting (means live in the real world, enjoy the real happiness, virtual world is not enough and it is not real of course).
  • The best time to take big decisions is the young age, because it is the time when your energy is at its best and you are less vulnerable psychologically and physically.
  • It is important to keep silent when we don’t know about the things. It is better to hear in such times.
  • Don’t feel shy when you don’t know the stuff, you can say I don’t know and there is nothing wrong in that. (Rather than pretending you know it, it is much better and wise option).
  • Don’t forget the sacrifices of others did for you.

Graduated from the Boston college, she is intelligent and wise who mix the fun, joy, knowledge, advise and wisdom in her speech.

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