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Dekh Bhai Dekh Hindi TV Serial On DVD Fifth Episode Reviews

Trust is indeed the most important integral part of any relation. Most of the relation we found struggling to survive have a strong cause of trustlessness (can we say that?!)

TV Serial :
Dekh Bhai Dekh
Executive Producers : Jaya Bachchan, AB Corp
Director :
Anand Mahendru
Writers : Rajeev Agarwal, Liliput, Parvati Walia, Vipul Shah, Maya Balse
Music : Udit Narayan, Ajit Singh, Raju Singh
Starring : Sushma Seth, N K Shivpuri, Navin Nischol, Farida Jalal, Shekhar Suman, Bhavna Balsavar, Amar Upadhyay, Deven Bhojani, Vishal Singh, Nattasha Singh, Sunny Singh, Karishma Aacharya, Rakesh Thareja, Daisy Irani, Liliput, Divya Sheth, Benu Kalsi, Shammi, Urvashi Dholakiya, Santosh Gupta, Ritu Sharma, Raju Shrivastav, and others…

Prejudice(s) plays a vital role in doubting the other person or his/her intentions. We see that there are some common mis-beliefs in the society regarding several relations. For example, a girl is mostly taught that she have to learn this and that so she won’t suffer at her husband’s home. She need to beware of Mother-in-law. And many more such things. However it is not 100% wrong of course, but the cases are seen in the society that a girl is getting even more opportunities in terms of study, career and other aspects of the life after the marriage, and her in-laws are loving and taking care of her, even better than her own family.

The central thing is, not to have a prejudice for any relation, before you experience it. Keep your mind open and you may get more than you expect. But you are bound to give even more and you will get more than that in the return. It must not be the one way traffic. This applies to everywhere, your job, your business and other places.

This episode focuses on the incidents happens after Sunita(Chachi)’s Mother (Sameer’s mother in-law) visits the Diwan house. How she tries to secure her daughter’s future and fate with honest intentions which are backed by her prejudices. And how it goes ahead.

Sunita’s mother is at Diwan’s home. She came to meet her daughter. Like all ther mothers she also loves her a lot. Sunita was however very straight-forward and she loves her husband a lot. She alto trusts him by the deepest heart. There is no question for her to doubt Sameer anyway. Not even if her mother suggest the same. Her mother however with genuine worry suggest her to secure her own future by having some investment in Share market (from Sameer’s money) on her own name. So in case if anything wrong happens, she have a safe future.

Sunita was however not ready to demand money for such cause from her husband. There comes a share-broker who deals in the stock market. He wants to borrow some money from Sameer to invest in the market. He himself asks Sameer to invest, though Sameer, based on his own market knowledge and analysis refuse to do so. He even advises the broker (who is kind of his friend) to not play blunders on novice companies. After a few days the broker came back to return the money to Sameer and tells him that he have earned so much in the market. And suggest Sameer to invest again. Sameer refused though.

However Sunita’s mother, not expereience with such tactics falls in the trap. Her worry(!) for her daughter and a bit of greed makes her to think investing in the share market and earn a lot in small amount of time.

Will she buy shares from that broker? Will Sameer ever know about this incident? How secure will be her investment?

All this questions answered when you watch the episode. It is a good watch not only for fun, but it teaches a lesson also.

See the acting of all the actors and you will know why they are known as the seasoned actors. The background music is an aid. The DVD quality is great. A nice home entertainment option according to us.

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