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Safari Magazine | Gujarati Edition | February 2018 Issue | Views And Reviews

No one can deny the fact that “knowledge is the power”. However, there is a difference between information and knowledge. In simple words, we can say that information needs to be evaluated and after being proven correct and passing the quality test, can be considered as knowledge. The potential sources of knowledge include books (including encyclopedias), newspapers, magazines, TV Shows and more.

Reader’s Digest and Safari – a knowledge magazine in Gujarati from India; are two of our favorite magazines. We love reading them and share our unbiased views and reviews with our readers. Here is what we think about February 2018 issue of Safari.

Safari Magazine (Gujarati Edition) - February 2018 Issue - Cover Page

Safari Magazine (Gujarati Edition) – February 2018 Issue – Cover Page

The cover page of this issue gives an impression of being it a nature-oriented magazine. It has a large amount of green color used to add to the effect. Overall, a cover page which could have been more impressive.

Those who read ThinkerViews regularly will surely be able to recall us saying “the editorial is one of the most important segments of a magazine (or for that matter any media”. We believe that it provides a chance to the editor to bridge a connection with the readers via it. Here, the editor can not only share his vision for the specific issue but also can represent his views about current happenings around the world. The editorial of this issue talks about the monument located in Mumbai, paying tribute to the brave firefighters who lost their lives in their effort to prevent an explosion of Fort Stikine (the ship which was anchored in Mumbai ShipYard that time) and save the city. To know more about the incident you can read this article. Mumbai fire brigade insists the citizens of Mumbai (who cannot attend the tribute paid on 14th April, every year, to these Bravehearts) to do the following:

Let us all Indians pay
homage to all those brave
firefighters by observing
02 minutes silence.

Thank You

We would like to add our voice to the appeal (as done by the editor of Safari) and request all fellow human beings to please observe it.

Incredible India:

When we talk about Tapi river and Surat, we think of the geography of Gujarat. But do you know that there is a place in Thailand which is named as Surat Thani and a river named Tapi? And it is not a coincidence! The roots of the fact lies in India, proving it really incredible.

A small but well-researched article, worth a read.

Fort Stikine blast in Mumbai (then Bombay) Dock:

Actually, this is the second segment of article found about this deadly event happened in Mumbai. The first segment was published in the January 2018 issue and we’ve presented our views for the same.

To know even more about this unfortunate event you may like to visit the following link:
scroll.in article

This second segment explores the incidents which lead the blast, the actual blast, and the effects of the same felt in the area nearby. You can estimate the power of explosion just by knowing that laboratory hundreds of kilometer away considered it as an earthquake!

Nagendra Vijay did remarkable research to get the missing pieces of this unfortunate incident and written it so nicely that you will remain glued to the article.


We all know the fact the plastic is a boon as well as a bane. The positive attributes of this material acts as its negative ones as well. The main problem is, it is not degradable. It took so many years for it to be dissolved. The scientists are worrying more about its growing effects on the environment and now it is the time to seriously look for an alternative and implement it at the earliest in order to save the planet.

One promising solution is bioplastic. Though it will still be very early to consider it as an alternative, as it is in the early stage of research. But, it is definitely promising. A detailed article about bioplastic in this magazine brings you all the needed information on the same.

External links:
Bioplastic related article at WikiPedia
Biodegradable plastic article at WikiPedia

Knee Replacement:

These days, we see a huge rise in the cases where the patient is required to do a knee replacement. Well, we are not talking about the adverse effects of the wrong lifestyle and environment we are living with (or in) these days. I often used to say it to all my friends and relatives that when such things happen and we spend a lot of money and pass through a lot of pain, we understand the real value of what we’ve been blessed with, freely.

A detailed article telling almost everything a common man needs to know about Knee replacement, and under which circumstances one should go for that operation is definitely worth a read. If you are aged or not, this information will be helpful to you when/if any of your elder relative face any dilemma about it. Of course, it is not a medical advise and nor should be considered as such. But, as said earlier, it gives you a better idea of what it is and when to go for it.

Other stuff:

If you love nature and have interest in knowing about various animals and their way of living; an article about how various species communicate within themselves provides an interesting read.

I also found the Q/A (Fact Finder) section very interesting. The questions here are taken from the real life (as asked by real readers talking about real things) reading it will definitely prove helpful.


Definitely a worth reading issue which gives you the maximum return for the money and time you spend on it. A recommended read. The only limitation is, it is published in a regional language, thus making its reach limited.

Over to you:

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