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Gypsy | Travel Magazine | Gujarati Edition | March 2019 Issue | Views And Reviews

While there are hundreds or thousands of magazines flood the newsstands every month, we cannot read them all, even if we want, right? And yes, based on our interests, likes and dislikes, not all of them are worth the same as well. Money does matter a lot, but our time which we need to spend reading the same is the most important factor we consider while making our “reading” or “purchase” choice.

It is tough to find a reliable travel magazine, especially in regional languages, which is of international quality and provide unbiased and real information.

We found – Gypsy Traveler – the latest magazine from Harshal Pushkarna, published by Uranus Books is of good quality and interesting information.

The Cover Page:

Well, we shouldn’t judge a magazine by its cover, and I believe in this motto, completely. At the same time, I firmly believe that one cannot deny the influence of a quality and cheerful cover page on the purchase and/or read decisions.

Gypsy | Travel Magazine | Gujarati Edition | March 2019 Issue | Cover Page

Gypsy | Travel Magazine | Gujarati Edition | March 2019 Issue | Cover Page

As you can see, the cover page of this issue is quite attractive. Its glossy finish gives it a nice look. The cover is printed on a thick and quality page which makes it durable for a long time. The cover page shows the famous fountain of Singapore in the frontend along with the skyscrapers of the city in the background.

So, in terms of the cover page, I will give it distinction marks.

Now let us talk about some of the segments/articles from this issue. Definitely, we will ignore some of the attributes and segments to not to reveal everything in order to keep your reading experience unaffected.


The editorial is (often, but not always) one of the most important yet most neglected part of any publication. It lets the editor convey his/her vision about the issue and often share his/her comments about something worth sharing including current happenings. Reading editorial of this month made me feel sad. While on one end we talk about our rich culture and rich heritage, on the other hand, we are the ones who fail to preserve the same! When visiting tourist place we see that people spat in many places, made the place dirty or even some irresponsible lovebirds(!) tried writing their names there.

If you want to be remembered for years, you need to do some remarkable work. Just writing your name at heritage sites and prominent travel destination will not help you anyway. You are rather destroying it and making a shameful gesture.

The editor then refers to two images, one from Hampi and one from Germany. While I am not revealing the content of the editorial, I will suggest you watch the following video from the public domain of Youtube (posted by “The Logical Indian”).

Is this the way we will preserve our heritage sites?

Unless and until we became disciplined, logical and wise citizens, we cannot imagine preservance of our valuables and values.

Definitely, the segment of the magazine which must not be skipped.


Often considered as a wonderful city, Singapore has many attributes making it eligible for the title. There is a detailed article in this issue talking about seven wonders of Singapore.

  • Merlion
  • Marina Bay Sands Hotel
  • Gardens by the Bay
  • Singapore Flyer
  • Singapre Zoo
  • Santosa Island
  • Science Center

While the article is studded with some of the nice photographs, what I link are the quick links to relevant website/resources. It will help the readers to get the most authentic details and answers to their respective queries. And yes, the “how to” details about connecting flights and what to do there in Singapore.

If you are not planning to viist the place in near future, then also, the article is worth to improve your knowledge about the same.

Har Ki Dun Trek:

While natural beauty is spread everywhere in the world, it is our nature to find it somewhere far, and ignoring what is near to us. “Har Ki Dun” trek is definitely one of the most interesting treks one shouldn’t ignore.

(Video from the public domain of YouTube, published by “Mountains Are Calling”.)

Located in the Uttarakhand state of India, this trek passes through some locations exploring the ethereal natural beauty. If you love adventures instead of just comfortable exploration, then don’t just settle down for hill stations and rather go for such beautiful alternatives.

As summer vacation is approaching in the near future, knowing about affordable and achievable options from within the country will prove to be a wise choice.

Festival special:

As Holi, the festival of colors is approaching in this month, the article about “Latthmar Holi” from Vraj will be found interesting by many. If the author could have included some of the movie references for the same, the article could hae been more informative.

(Video from the public domain of YouTube, published by “Scoop Tube”.)

Wild Life:

Exploring wild life not only adds to our knowledge about various species living in the jungle but it also gives us to feel the nature and bond with it.

(Video from the public domain of YouTube, published by “MP Tourism”.)

A detailed article about Badhavgarh National Park will interest the wildlife lovers. The article elaborats some lesser known facts about this park and yes, the website links are there to know more about it. These links will also help you in planning a visit to the same in better manner.

Other Articles:

If you love to explore wonderful places from around the world, then the “Kaleidoscope” segment is not to be missed. It has some really high-resolution photographs. If you love to include a spiritual place in your tour, the article about Tanjore temple will interest you more. In addition, there is a detailed article about Disdain (Germany) if you want to explore something in foreign countries. You may not want to miss an article about “Nandi Hills” also. So, as you can deduce the magazine tries to cover a spectrum of places falling in different categories and thus it has something for almost every type of traveler. And when talking aout traveller, the magazine also has a detailed article about “Hu En Tsan” the Chineese traveler. And yes, You must not miss the small article about the editor’s visit to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose’s house where you can find a photograph of Netaji’s car!


Though, the issue price is INR 70.00; the quality of printing, pages and the resources embedded within makes it worth the same. So if you love to explore “Travel” genre, you should go for this magazine. As it is written in Gujarati, the only possible limitation is its limited reach.

Over to you:

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