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Safari Magazine | Gujarati Edition | March 2019 Issue | Views And Reviews

We are living in the era of excessive resources. This is both good and bad. While on one end we may not understand the importance of that particular resource due to its easy availability and it is tough to choose the potential resource from the compendium of the same which is worth our time and money; and at the same time having a wide range of choices is definitely a good option.

In terms of Magazines, we see the newsstands flood with thousands of magazine every month, fortnight or even week. We can curate the list based on our area of interest and need, but finding the worthy one from this shortlisted choices is also a difficult task.

With a vision to help what we think about a magazine when one of our team members actually got a chance to read it and find it worthy; we share our genuine and unbiased review for the same with our readers.

Safari is a magazine which we find worth reading. Its English version couldn’t survive but its Gujarati edition is going strong. March issue of Safari (Gujarati edition) hit the newsstand quite on time. Though, preoccupied with other commitments we are delayed in sharing our unbiased review for the same. But, the wait is over now. And here it is.

This Is Here In For You

Book Cover:

Despite believing in the saying “never judge a book (or that matter any media, in this case, a magazine)”, I firmly believe that an attractive cover page can influence read and/or purchase decisions.

Safari Magazine | Gujarati Edition | March 2019 Issue | Cover Page

Safari Magazine | Gujarati Edition | March 2019 Issue | Cover Page

As you can see, the cover page of March 2019 issue of Safari has black-brown-yellow color theme. The black illustrations of soldiers in combat mode fits with the title of the article it refers. The thumbnails and titles of other notable articles from the issue spread over in left and bottom of the cover page. While the cover page is not very attractive, it is informative for sure. With the theme article focused on the aftermath of “The Pulwama Attack”, only such color scheme fits in.

Definitely, a cover page which goes in sync with the magazine content makes your head turn towards the same.


Editorial is one of the most important segments of any media and magazines are no exception. Our entire team, including me, believe that it works as a bridge between the reader and the editor. It not only allows the editor to share his/her vision about the content of the issue but also allows him/her to talk about the background of some important articles in the magazine. And yes, it is the best place for him/her to share his/her views about current happenings!

Nagendra Vijay, the editor, talks at length about “The terrorist attack at Pulwama”. He rather than focusing much on the aftermath of the same (which is covered in contemporary media) to avoid the repetition of the things. He, however, focuses on the background of the same. Analysing the chain of incidents from the history which lead to the present situation will help us understanding the trail. And, it helps us in taking precautionary steps in a way so we can avoid the same mistakes in the future. The motto of the article is “ defense is not always the solution, sometimes offense is the best defense “.

And yes, the thoughts are represented in a logical and composed manner and are not meant to any kind of provocation.


This segment is meant to provide comparatively lesser known but important information through small articles. March 2019 issue talks about the following:

Amur Falcon

(em>Video from public domain of Youtube by CNN-News18)

Farkhor AirBase

(em>Video from public domain of Youtube by Hindu Judaic)

And articles about the history of artificial dentures, human anatomy.

All 4 articles are small but are studded with images/illustrations. And they are written in an interesting manner. Definitely not to be missed segment.

Do you know that the North Pole keeps changing its place? An article about Nagendra Vijay on this fact is spread from historical incidents to geographical happenings! Studded with maps, photographs and images, this article is a good choice to have a journey in past. The article includes references from the last 500 years of history (in the context of the article), and is spread over 12 pages! A very detailed article which makes you realize that neither history, nor geography are boring subjects :)!

Stretegic Options To Fight Terrorists and Their Safe Heaven

The recent tragic incident of Pulwama Terrorist Attack has shaken India to the heart. All the citizens, regardless of the cast and creed, unanimously voiced their feelings. The safe heaves of terrorists are exposed and exploded. While some parties are trying to play politics over it, we rather should stay away from it. The article also doesn’t talk about the incident and its aftermath in that context.

The article brings in interesting information about Mirage 2000 fighter planes. It also talks about the “laser guided bombs” technology in “easy to understand” language. Most importantly, the article tries to explore and analyse three possible ways to counter the terror attacks in an effective way. And yes, it refers to many of the historical incidents as references. Also, the article doesn’t try to blame a specific head of the state nor is written as a propaganda. It also doesn’t try to deliberately spread hatred against Pakistan. But, at the same time, it talks about facts without shying away.

It is tough to find such a balanced article where the things are analyzed in quite an effective manner with facts and figures. A very detailed and a worth reading article. While a lot is talked about Pulwama Attach, Surgical Air Strike in media recently, there are a few unbiased takes which are worth going for, and the article in this issue of Safari is definitely one such article.

Why Sriharikota?

ISRO is one of the most respected space research organization. It is known for the cheapest and reliable launching of Satelites in the orbit. And its services are not limited to the Republic of India (that is Bharat)! Yes, it provides services to other countries of the world in the same arena and is trusted immensely.

(em>Video from public domain of Youtube by Doordarshan National)

But, do you know, how and why, Sriharikota is chosen as the springboard for Satelite Launch Vehicles? An article by Ravindra Acharya talks in detail about the background of Sriharikota and its springboard. You will get emotional while reading about the tough situations in which the analyst did their job and made this place what it is meant to be. It was not an easy journey by any means!

The article brings in some interesting photographs, maps and images to understand the things in the best possible way. Definitely an article you don’t want to miss.

Other Articles:

A very detailed article about migratory birds, fast facts and fact finder, Q/A segment, Quiz and other such stuff makes this issue even more worthy. I shall deliberately avoid talking about all the details explored in this issue to keep your reading experience uninfluenced.


Definitely, a magazine which is worth the money and time you spend reading it. It is one of those rare publications which doesn’t contain even a single third party commercial advertisement! The only limitation of the magazine is its limited reach due to its publication is in a regional language.

Over to you:

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